Ghetto Gourmet

Pssssst. Wanna know a secret?

The Ghetto Gourmet crew are coming to Wine Country next week to host a top-secret, invite-only dinner in Healdsburg. We can’t tell you where (because BiteClub honestly doesn’t know anything more than it’s a former slaughterhouse turned exclusive private winery). We can’t tell you what’s for dinner (other than the fact that recurring Ghet chef Cynthia Washburn is cooking). And we definitely can’t tell you who’ll be there (though ‘hot performances’ are promised).

That’s the fun of it all. Just showing up with your own seating cushion and big expectations. Take a risk, blow $100 and get a ticket. We dare you.

If you go: Want to know more about the GG crew? This highly secretive group began in Oakland, hosting weekly dinners in their home and in other surprise spots on the sly (ostensibly to avoid the Health Department, who frowns upon hosting public dinners in non-commercial kitchens-kill-joys). The whole thing got to be so much fun that they’ve expanded to Wine Country and beyond. Get on their list, and you’ll get first dibs on future dinners and mayhem.

PS. BiteClub would soooo be at the GG event, but alas, will be hobnobbing/chef-stalking in Aspen this week at the Food & Wine Classic with Chef-lebrities Thomas Keller (who hopefully won’t recognize me from the Tomato Snow Cone incident) , pretty much the entire Food Network cast (Mario Batali, Giada De Laurentiis, Emeril & so on) and NoCal locals like Laura Werlin, Andrea Immer Robinson and Linda Murphy. Anyone you want me to tackle? Let me know: