Taco trucks banned?

“Citing safety and health concerns, along with cries of “unfair competition” from brick and mortar restaurants in the area, the City of Salinas is considering an outright ban on “mobile vendors” or a severe restriction on their business. In January, the city set a cap on the vendor permits at the current count of 31 and no new permits will be issued causing a gradual fade-out of taco trucks in Salinas. Next week, an as-of-yet unpublicized proposal is scheduled to go before the city council that will further restrict the taco trucks. The proposal could include possible time restrictions instructing taco trucks to only operate between 6 pm and 6 am, could require that the vendors move their trucks every 15 minutes to one hour, or could cause taco trucks to have to move off of public streets and on to private property zoned for the business.” – Jennifer Maiser, Bay Area Bites

Like Santa Rosa, the city of Salinas is at a crossroads when it comes to taco trucks. Citing health and traffic concerns along with competition with brick-and-mortar shops, Salinas is quietly putting the brakes on taco trucks. Santa Rosa has continued to allow taco trucks along Sebastopol Ave., but recently denied a permit for long-time truck operators La Texanita (see a review of their current restaurant).

With so many fans–from nearby families and workers looking for a quick bite to late-night revelers eager for a bite to soak up all that-uh, revelry–taco trucks have become a favorite fixture for eager eaters.

Are you worried about losing your favorite munchie mobile?