Fair Food Scramble is Back for 2015

Do you have what it takes to be a Fair Food Scrambler at the 2015 Sonoma County Fair?


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29 thoughts on “Fair Food Scramble is Back for 2015

  1. i am your investigator. I do it every year before I go to the fair.Read up on all the vendors, check the bite club food scramble (when you have it). Gotta know who’s cooking the latest deep fried concoction. . You need someone who’s not afraid to eat a Crispy Creme Burger. I ate 2 last year! So flipping good. Deep fried cupcakes anyone?

  2. As a half marathoner, I run so I can eat. My long runs on weekends are not just about the distance, but also about how many calories I burned so I know how much I can eat. I also do track (speed work) on Mondays and Fountain Grove hills (able to leap) for training. Carb loading, protein and gorging after a workout are all part of my standard vocabulary.

  3. This event is calling my name!
    I just moved to Santa Rosa from L.A. less than a month ago. I’m excited about the upcoming fair, and particularly the food part! I’m also anxious to connect with my new community.

    I am a foodie from before “foodie” was a term…worked in a gourmet food shop in NYC when I was in college, so my interest in food goes way back.

    I am energetic and light on my feet so I’ll happily be a “RUNNER,” but I could probably fill any slot you need me to.

    It sounds like a blast, and I can’t think of a better way to immerse myself in my wonderful new city!

  4. Love to be the ALTERNATIVE EATER! I’ve been GF for 2 1/2 years (I have pretty bad allergies and asthma).I’m very familiar with the SO CO food scene. I’m open to trying whatever there is available although I’m not sure just how much “healthy food” I would find at the fair. Even though I’m a healthy eater, I love me some bacon (dipped in dark chocolate)!

  5. Sounds like a task I was born to do. Former restaurant chef and now cooking for a Healdsburg winery. Put me in the Chef category. Worked at Auberge du Soleil and French Laundry and know there is more than fancy food to live by. Have judged for the Harvest Fair food where 5 hours of tasting is required and usually quite fun and delicious. Eating fair food opens a whole world of deliciousness that should only come once (or twice!) a year for self preservation. I already have the day off!

  6. Alternative eaters are much sweeter — for the animals, that is. But alas, I’ve given up telling anybody what to do because it’s a FREE country. I am creative and talkative and can be amusing, especially around food that is kind of different. I always have something positive to say and can make something not so appealing looking very appealing after I tell you how great it is for your body and the planet. Not to judge those of you who chose other options. It’s not the vegan way or the highway. It’s whatever works for you!

  7. Qualified in four out of five categories:

    A professional chef and caterer currently working at a Healdsburg winery.
    A competitive runner in a past life.
    Have never met a beverage or dessert that I didn’t like.
    Willing to try any food item (once, mayyyybe twice).
    Eats & plays well with others, and is very fair food-savvy.
    Will work where ever I am needed.
    “There is not enough time in the day to eat everything I want.”

  8. Runner/Investigator. Management type. Gets to the front if the stage at any concert, any crowd.

  9. I love eating food, talking about food and making food!! It would be so fun to do any of these 🙂

  10. alternative!
    i don’t eat things that rhyme (meat and wheat, specifically) but everything else is fair (FAIR!) game.

  11. Hey Heather – great event! I’ve missed reading about it for the last couple of years.

    I’d put myself in the Investigator and Foodie categories as I’m a research analyst by trade but a food lover by heart. But with a huge sweet tooth and a penchant for both lemonade and ice cream I’d do well as that player too.

  12. I would put myself in the foodie category. A retired organic farmer, competent home cook and baker, connoisseur of the finest foods California provides. I will hold fair food offerings to the same high standards that I apply to my home cooking and to my restaurant meals. The fair food must either rise to the occasion or be left in the dust of the fairgrounds.

  13. I’m a foodie and a former restaurant dog. I cook for the family every day, and I don’t mind saying that we eat pretty well. I’ve waited tables, bartended, washed dishes, and been a line cook at joints ranging from Michelin starred restaurants to dive bars. I’ve eaten everything from Oysters & Pearls to Double Doubles, and loved all of it. I’ve tried everything from head cheese to grilled pig heart to trotters, and loved most of it. I’m very open minded to foods and I’ll try anything, but what I really love is food that is made with passion and care, and most of all, food that tastes good. I like my sugar too. I love me some Laderee Macarons in Paris as well as a good donut, funnel cake, or good old Clover ice cream at the SoCo Fair.

  14. I would love to be considered for The Foodie. I have a lot of experience eating different kinds of foods because at a previous job I traveled all over the US and had the amazing experience of eating things from every single region. I LOVE FOOD!!! It doesn’t matter what; veggies, desserts everything!

  15. I am submitting for the alternative eater. I am not vegan/vegetarian/alergenic & will nearly eat anything except okra & fermented beef. I even ate chocolate covered baby bees – when I was 14 & challenged to do so. I fell in love with & married a chef too many years ago who knew the way to my heart – through the stomach (it goes both ways, gentleman). I have friends & family who are or have been vegan etc., and I am trying to appreciate food made with meat-alternatives without gagging or secretly spitting out. I promise, no spitting. I am willing try anything but no promises on the gagging (which may come in handy for a few laughs). Oh, and I play well with others. Thanks for reading, Heather. Please pick me. I am also open to the other jobs but this one suits me best.

  16. Heather! I would love to do this with you! Put me in for the Alternative Eater. I love to eat healthy, but not afraid or judgmental to get down with doughnut burgers or rocky mountain oysters! Fair Food is food for the people, by the people.

  17. My best friend Lara and I are the two RUNNERS you need. Although we are somewhat fat, we do have some speed.
    We don’t even need to ask for time off of work, as two high school teachers, summers off are the perk.
    She teaches math and can handle the money. Plus she will race from booth to booth, and doesn’t mind if it’s sunny.
    Pick my best friend–she will eat anything covered in cheese. Fair Food Scramble 2015, choose the two of us please!
    As for me, I run races. Eight marathons so far. I can run all over, I’m a stamina star.
    I won’t watch my weight; I will even gain a few pounds. We will taste-test everything all over the Sonoma Fairgrounds.
    I know you think you may have seen us before…and you’re right! But we’re experts, and we’re ready for more.
    We come as a pair, like Lays chips…you can’t have just one. Please pick the two of us, Heather, we promise we’re fun!

  18. I’m applying for the alternative eater. Why should you pick me. Because I’m a professional sales manager by day and a self proclaimed super chef by night. My favorite vegetable is bacon but I’ve been known to eat everything from vegan veggie no face wraps to Rocky mountain oysters and rattle snake eggs. But the best reason you should pluck me out of the ordinary is because I’m 6’6” 370lbs. of pure awesomeness, Trust me I know food, I didn’t get this big by licking stamps. Trust me Heather you’re gonna laugh….a…..lot.

  19. i can run, i can eat, and boy do i have opinions! trust me i will be the glue that binds. Good luck all

  20. Making a list and checking it twice, I’ll help you find what’s naughty and nice! That’s right – I am the Investigator you’re looking for! Detail-oriented, but I work and play well with others! Looking for someone to take notes and report back? Look no further! I’m your man to survey the bountiful harvest quickly and determine is any crucial dish is missing or has been overlooked! With 29 food vendors in the main fair area (exclusive of all desserts and places that do not serve “entrees,” but assuming we MUST try grilled corn and giant dill pickles!), plus another 8 food vendors in the racetrack – all offering a plethora of appetizers and entrees. Listed as featured entrees are 144 separate items (if you count variations on tacos, burritos, corn dogs, and sausages). That’s a lot to keep track of!
    Part of any good investigation is the planning! Getting the right tools in order so that each dish is cataloged appropriately is an essential part of success.
    It would be a privilege to serve as the Investigator! (Plus, I’ve had all my shots!)

  21. I do have the skills to be a runner, normally. however, at the current time I’m stuck in a boot due to an ankle break and surgery. Therefore, what I am applying for are investigator and alternative eater. I am the ultimate investigator. i make charts and mark maps when going to culinary festivals to maximize potential tastes in short amounts of time and over distance. I’m also willing to try pretty much anything. I may spit it out but I’ll try it. i would love to do this as I won’t be able to walk the fair from one side to the other to make sure I’ve gotten a taste of everything 🙂

  22. I am applying for the Alternative role. I am a GF/vegan, thanks to celiac, and am passionate about finding and creating good food for people who, like me, often have very few choices. It’s easy for most of us to forget that some folk are on the lookout not just for yummy food, but for food that’s safe to eat. I can offer my awareness, along with my joy in exploring and sharing. Also, I promise, no judgments re you carnivores and wheat-based noshers!

  23. As a Fair Food lover with a stable of various county/state/local fairs under my belt going as far back as the late 70’s early 80’s, I’ve seen the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the fair food universe. Wisconsin, Texas, of course our Golden State fair, Marin, Sonoma, Los Angeles county fairs…It’s fair to say that I’m fairly skilled at giving fair judgments to fair fare! 😛
    I’ve already been considering the food crawl I’m going to enjoy at the fair this year…the old standbys…Mr. Ibleto, Wille legs, anything in the Mexican Village, stuffies, and a “corn dog buffett” because, well…corn dogs are the perfect food. But this year I’m looking to get into some tasty sliders, getting my Sleek Greek on (the Greek in me simply cannot pass up any lamb goodness)…The BBQ spot versus Big Bubbas…ready for my BBQ taste test.
    The nice thing about the Fair Food Scramble is that instead of going multiple days to discover my GastroMap of the fair…I can handle it all in one fell swoop, and then when I attend the fair for a whole day/days, I’ll already know what my go to grub will be.
    I mean fairs, food, livestock, people watching, and carnie watching…these are a few of my favorite things!

  24. Oh good! So excited to read about this so I know which booths are worth stopping at on my way to take my kid to Monster Trucks!!

  25. I am YOUR ALTERNATIVE EATER. I’ve always had a passion for cooking…and eating, lol. I am not a professional chef, though. I find joy in trying all the oddball stuff; specifically vegetarian and vegan- but I am not a vegetarian or vegan and therefore, no judgement for the bacon lovers! I am fun, crazy and so in for this! Oh and I’m “the best cook in the world” according to my kids 😀

  26. Oh…and Danielle’s the creative one so she’ll entertain you with a fantastic poem shortly!

  27. Let’s be real…you need EXPERIENCE on the team this year after the hiatus! Not only are my friend, Danielle and I front and center in your picture, but we’re TEACHERS (so no boss for you to call and plead our case to), we’re FAST (both running yet another of many half marathons this Sunday…so we’ll also have made some stomach room!), and we’ll try ANYTHING (the picture you printed of me eating the hotdog with peanut butter and fried onions was posted over the copy machine for a year!) Hope it’s a fun time and we’ll follow your team’s guidance if we’re not picked!

  28. I am a true Investigator..Paying attention to the details, as to not miss something truly exciting!! I will try anything and eat most everything except blueberries..My sister Andrea taunted me at an early age..and now I still believe they look like eyeballs:)
    I promise to do my legwork ahead of time, to have more time to enjoy the foodganza at the fair!

  29. The Lemonador is who I am as I am a SUGAR FREAK!!! Love the Sweet Sugar stuff…….worst habit “DESSERT FIRST”!!! and I bever feel bad about it…….EVER!!! As a matter of fact I would do breakie lunch and dinner in SUGATOWN #sugarrush #sosweet #gottahaveit #sweetness #sugatown

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