Dierk’s Midtown Cafe: Best Santa Rosa Brunch

For brunch, breakfast or a light lunch (or breakfast all day) Dierk's Midtown Cafe is the go-to for Santa Rosa

Fried Chicken sandwich at Dierk's Midtown
Fried Chicken sandwich at Dierk’s Midtown Cafe in Santa Rosa

There’s good news and there’s, well, still pretty good news about Dierk’s Midtown Cafe (the offshoot of the brunch-tacular Dierk’s Parkside): The veggie stack is back, if you time it right you can get still-warm pie and if you time it wrong there’s still really good cold pie.

Or maybe cake.

Dierk's Parkside Cafe (photo John Burgess)
Dierk’s Parkside Cafe (photo John Burgess)

For fans of Mark Dierkheising’s original Santa Rosa eatery, theMidtown Cafe is familiar territory with additions like a spicy Asian soba salad with Harissa dressing, an exotic red rice salad with ginger-soy dressing that’s  healthy and refreshing, the produce-friendly Talbot sandwich with vegetarian sausage and the much-loved grilled vegetable stack (which i have been dreaming of for days) with a tower of eggplant, tomatoes, spinach and onions bathed in saffron tomato sauce. With a blob of goat cheese ever-so-slowly melting on top.

There are, of course, plenty of bacony, chicken-fried-steaky bits as well.

With both naughty and nice dishes served all day (from 7a.m. to 3p.m.) you can have your cake and five servings of veggies, too.

It’s one of our favorite Santa Rosa brunches.

Dierk’s Midtown Cafe, 1422 Fourth St., Santa Rosa, 545-2233.