Chefs Korsh, Fox resurface

Eric Korsh, formerly of Restaurant Eloise in Sebastopol has returned to New York and, according to the New York Times, has been named chef at the fabish Waverly Inn and Garden in Greenwich Village. Perhaps they’ll be more appreciative of his penchant for offal. Also resurfacing is Jeremy Fox, the visionary vegetarian chef of Napa’s Ubuntu. Fox left Napa last winter just as Michelin kudos were being handed out, only to set up camp in LA for several months. He’s returning to the Bay Area, according to published reports, to head up Daniel Patterson’s new Oakland restaurant, Plum.

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One thought on “Chefs Korsh, Fox resurface

  1. What ever happened to the Chef at the french restaurant in Sebastopol which used to be located on Gravenstein on the way into town, before it was replaced by a Mexican family restaurant in 2002 or 2003?

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