Burgers in Paradise: Our 25 Favorite Cheeseburgers in Sonoma County

Whether you like yours with caramelized onions, bacon or an egg on top, here's where to find the gooiest, most delicious burgers around.

I’m truly sorry to do this to you. Especially if you’re reading this hungry. Or on a diet. Or on a desert island. But you’re about to see so much cheeseburger porn that you may just pass out from happiness.

Personally, a burger without cheese always seems like a flower without petals. It needs that gooey, melty, cap to really sate my hunger. That’s why, we’re feeling a little like Wimpy these days. We’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a cheeseburger right freaking now….


14 thoughts on “Burgers in Paradise: Our 25 Favorite Cheeseburgers in Sonoma County

  1. Not sure why acme is on this list. We finally tried acme last week after seeing all the fuss about it in the paper. I was not impressed the bun was soggy, cheese was cold, and the fries were mediocre so i’m not sure what the fuss is about them? I don’t mind paying $20 for a burger but atleast make it worth it worth the price.

  2. The burger at Rocker Oystefeller’s is missing from this list. Aged white cheddar. homemade ciabatta bun glazed with butter.

  3. Just a heads up but the Backyard Restaurant is only a place the tourists go anyone who actually lives in Forestville just goes to Carr’s Drive In which is frankly just as good but a lot cheaper.
    Like, it’s no Superburger but it’s certainly better than Sequoia.

  4. These stories make me laugh. Twenty five burger joints i probably all of them in Sonoma County. Please. Pick one and perhaps a runner up and quit trying to please everyone.

    1. It’s not about catering to the reader, it’s about catering to restaurants. It’s not editorial, it’s advertorial.

      1. I am not sure I agree. Why make it so special with lines like The Best and such? That is a subjective thing; or a contest.But thanks for trying to clear it up for me.

  5. The hamburgers at Russian River Brewing Company in Windsor should be on this list!! They are the best I have ever had!! I haven’t been to the places on this list except Carmen’s at their Larkfield location, where the burger was blah though maybe they are better at the new Santa Rosa location at Town and Country. However, I strongly encourage everyone to try the burgers at Russian River Brewing Company!!

  6. Sheraton in Petaluma restaurant grass-fed… also check out the nutritional content for alt-meat burgers, some have huge sodium levels.

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