Be A Big Cheese: Win Tix to Sonoma’s Cheese Rolling & Tasting

Aged gouda to a oiled-up chevre log, tell BiteClub what kind of cheese is the fastest!

While any cheese-lover worth their Camembert has sniffed, savored, grated, cubed and, let’s be honest, cut a cheese or two, chances are you’ve never rolled one to victory.

In what amounts to a queso-friendly Pine Derby for les fromagistes, Sonoma’s favorite cheese lady, Sheana Davis, will host Sonoma County’s first annual Cheese Rolling contest on February 27, 2011 in the gardens of MacArthur Place.  And you’re invited.

Tell BiteClub what kind of cheese would blow away the competition in this dairy derby — from an sneaky rolled chevre to a hunky aged gouda. Style points for originality, aerodynamic qualities, and creativity.

One winner will be a celebrity cheese roller during the Sonoma Valley Cheese Conference’s Cheese, Beer and Wine Tasting reception, beginning at 1:30pm on Sunday, February 27. You’ll be in the company of such luminaries as Sonoma Mayor Laurie Gallian, Chef Justin Wangler of Kendall Jackson Estate, Chef John Stewart of Black Pig Meat, and cheesemongers from the Rainbow Grocery Coop. Tickets also include and afternoon of cheese beer and wine tasting — you know, to relax after all that intense competition. While there you can also check out some home cheesemaking demos with Ricki Carroll, the self-described “Cheese Queen.”

The event is a kick-off for Davis’ annual Sonoma Valley Cheese Conference, a gathering of cheesemakers, retailers, distributors and cheese enthusiasts that runs through March 2. More details here.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Enter your comment below. My bets are on the the cheddar.

Full rules here.