Cheap sweets

Is Safeway outclassing the neighborhood patisserie?

Okay, not yet, but they’re bucking for your gourmet business.

Along with recent facelifts of the mega grocery stores, in-house bakeries have been improving substantially as well.

First, it was a not altogether horrible bagel.

Next came the addition of gourmet cakes and pastries, which are suprisingly good (though Bouchon doesn’t need to be worried just yet).

Topping it off, I discovered today that the bakeries are now stocking Joseph Schmidt truffles (chocolate truffle royalty that are as delicious as they are lovely to look at), individually wrapped and ready for delivering to your co-workers, significant others or even your boss. All for just $2.19 each. A steal at twice the price.

And, if nothing else, grabbing a few just makes your grocery basket feel a little less, well, mundane.