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Shout out: Fave cheap eats?

some tough economic times, there’s no reason to go hungry. BiteClub’s
putting together a big fat list of cheap eats for Wine Country. Here’s
your chance to add your .02 for the best, yummiest and most satisfying
meals on a budget.

Have at it…And stay tuned for the results.


3 thoughts on “Cheap Eats

  1. I have to say the new deli and salad market in Petaluma is great! the name of the place is Bianchini’s! Great big salads for under $7.00. It’s enough for 2 people. It’s in the Kohl’s shopping center.

  2. Friar Tuck’s in Cotati has a super cheap Happy Hour menu (M-F 4pm-7pm) where all appetizers are half off. They have good pub food, like corned beef quesadillas (sounds wierd but is really very good), garlic fries, and chicken strips. Oh, there’s a stimulus package for the super hungry, too. It’s a burger, fries, and domestic pint or bottle for $6.99…most excellent.
    Anyway, I eat here all the time, everything is good, from fish tacos to meat balls to corned beef and cabbage, just about everything is less than $10.

  3. Posted By: Claire (04/09/2008 9:42:52 PM)
    Comment: I love the fish tacos at Sonoma Taco Shop. One taco. (that you divide into two, as they serve it with 2 corn tortillas) is very filling lunch , especially when you can patronize the salsa bar for extra wonderful salsas! They have raised the price to 3.50 now I believe, and charge extra for chips , but with the price rise in food, you can’t blame them.
    Posted By: Alex (30/08/2008 8:50:32 AM)
    Comment: If you enjoy Chinese food try, China Room. It’s located in the strip maul on the corner of Mission Blvd. and Route 12. Look for Sleep City if you are on 12; sorry not good at directions. I can’t get enough of their Hot & Sour soup. I always buy a quart to take home.
    Posted By: eat_gator (21/08/2008 11:58:01 AM)
    Comment: This isn’t the dinner in ” Bobbetts fest” but for those of you that haven’t seen this great culinary fest, here a YouTube of it:
    Posted By: eat_gator (21/08/2008 11:49:05 AM)
    Comment: HEY CHEAP, Didn’t they have that same dinner, by the campfire in “Blazing Saddles ” , what’s that . . . was that you??
    Posted By: natasha Pehrson (20/08/2008 2:43:06 PM)
    Comment: I said that the $7.50 XL burrito from the Tapatia truck feeds 2! That is not expensive. Re ‘Cheap’s’ secret cornbread recipe,try the one in the original Fanny Farmer cookbook-easy and very good. Re Ohana’s Hawaiian BarBQ,I like the volcano chicken, and very generous in size. Their mac salad is a bit bland,though. There are a lot of spicy condiments available. I sometimes get their fried shrimp plate-pretty tasty-and I ask to substitute the mac salad with their fries(pretty good). You also get lettuce and tomato. Ohana is located right next to Trader Joe’s,which I find very handy. I also like some of Subway’s sandwiches,as they give you a lot of crunchy veggies,along with the cold-cuts.Their current $5.00 for a foot-long is a great bargain and also can feed 2 with unfried food. Re the persona asking why can’t you cook for yourself-I certainly can,but enjoy eating out,too. I really like G&G Market and Andy’s produce stand/market.
    Posted By: CHEAP (20/08/2008 1:00:20 PM)
    Comment: I don’t see many CHEAP solutions posted here. An XL Buritto for $7.50? or a lunch or dinner $8.00? Thats not CHEAP! And yes, “Otto Parts” I can still boil water and may favorite CHEAP meal has always been a great huge pot of Pinto Beans with smoked ham hock along with a huge cast iron skillet cooked corn bread. Use one medium bag or large scoop of Pinto beans soaked overnight, onion, smoked ham hock, pinch of salt, pinch of garlic, pinch of tomato paste and two tomatoes. Get a reciepe for the cornbread, mines secret. This meal will feed about 8 people and run about $8.00. $1.00 each. NOW THATS CHEAP! and it’s GREAT!
    Posted By: ted (20/08/2008 12:26:53 AM)
    Comment: City Limits is in the 101 Casino in Petaluma.
    Posted By: Yovanna (19/08/2008 7:38:38 PM)
    Comment: Okay, I love the Taco Salad and the Crab Salad from G & G…it’s under $2 for a lunch size portion of it. Good cheap it for a quick, light lunch. I also highly recommend Fourth and Sea in Petaluma (corner of Fourth and C) Buy the 1 piece fish with chips meal and you get a HUGE portion for the money, and it’s excellent. Try the milkshake of the month too if you have the extra cash! Delish! If you like oatmeal with all the fixin’s for breakfast, Whole Foods has tasty oatmeal you can top with brown sugar, honey, raisins, cranberries, etc….and it’s under $2. Very healthy choice. Ohana Hawaiian Barbecue is another good lunch spot (in Santa Rosa and Petaluma). It’s cheap and you get a lot!!!! Very tasty plate lunches Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant on Petaluma Boulevard North in Petaluma is a GREAT lunch and dinner spot. The food is excellent and you have a lot of low-cost choices. Speaking of Mexican, Tres Hombres in Petaluma (in theatre square just off of Petaluma Boulevard North near D Street) has $2 Taco Tuesdays if I remember right. Yummy place. For Italian, I love Caffe Giostra on North McDowell Boulevard in petaluma (in the shopping center across from Kohl’s…by Orchard Supply Hardware). For lunch, you can find affordable things. I love getting the soup of the day (they have great ministrone) and you get free bread with the meal. Very affordable and good. If I have a friend with me, we split a plate of bruschetta…which is to die for! The Indian restaurant in that same shopping center is also a great deal for lunch! I think it’s $7 or $8 for a buffet lunch and the food is excellent there!!!!
    Posted By: Otto Parts (19/08/2008 5:32:38 PM)
    Comment: Can’t anybody cook for Themselves anymore? How about boiling water?…too much of a challenge?
    Posted By: natasha (19/08/2008 5:21:28 PM)
    Comment: I always rely on the Chinese food plate at G&G Market for a tasty,filling meal. I don’t eat the overcooked fried wonton,but enjoy cashew chicken,fried rice and one other dish.Costs$3.99!! Another way to get a really amazing chinese/ mix for lunch is Fu Zhou,located across from the PD on Mendocino Ave. For $ we had 2 great lunches,including good sushi,some very good dim sum-shrimp dumplings rule(not har gow),su mei,char siu ribs,stir-fried green beans with lots of garlic and juicy watermelon and cheesecake for dessert! Who needs dinner?? The Taqueria Tapatia truck parked at the Guereneville Safeway from 11:30-dark everyday is also a reliable place to get good filling food. Their XL burrito is about $750 and plenty for 2 folks to share. Good quesadilla supremos,too. La Favorita Restaurant in Roseland is also great. They serve my favorite torta(sandwich) de lengua(tongue) with lots of guacamole and salsa. My husband likes their Quesadilla Suiza especial-wow! Good horchata,too-all prices are very reasonable. We tried the La Texanita truck there one evening and it was also excellent. Cafe Rio behind the Rio Theatre’s quonset hut movie theatre in Monte Rio serves delicious hot dogs-different kinds and offers sauerkraut,red onions and other toppings included! Prices around $3.50-$5.00. There are lots of good food bargains in Sonoma County-some known and others not.
    Posted By: SafeServe (19/08/2008 2:53:02 PM)
    Comment: I can whip-up a wonderful Thai green chicken-tofu curry w/Basmati rice for 6 people for under 5 bucks, and not have to worry about food poisoning from Sonoma’s unqualified “Chefs”.
    Posted By: Wojamo (19/08/2008 1:20:26 PM)
    Comment: I realize this isn’t something you go OUT to eat, but my lunch back-up is always an Amy’s Organic frozen burrito. Cheap. Tasty. Filling. Healthy.
    Posted By: tina (19/08/2008 12:47:33 PM)
    Comment: Please let us know where the restaurants are….where is City Limits? It’s not in the Sonoma County phone book….. Thanks!
    Posted By: foodfan (19/08/2008 11:54:52 AM)
    Comment: Whoops, I forgot:
    Posted By: foodfan (19/08/2008 11:53:56 AM)
    Comment: Humble Pie in Penngrove is some of the best cheap gourmet food one will ever find, served with down home Southern flair. Menu changes each week in accordance with the best locally available ingredients.
    Posted By: Larry (19/08/2008 10:01:55 AM)
    Comment: For a delicious and inexpensive meal I haven’t found anything that beats Simply Vietnam on North Dutton at Maxwell Court. Typically $6 to $8 for a really excellent lunch or dinner that leaves me stuffed. Plus they’re really nice folks.
    Posted By: Judi (19/08/2008 7:59:30 AM)
    Comment: I would have to say Mike’s Burgers in Cotati is pretty darn good. And they have a punch card, buy 9 burgers, get the 10 one free! Oh and they now have French fries on Fridays!
    Posted By: ted (19/08/2008 12:18:38 AM)
    Comment: 16 oz. rib eye steak for 14.95 at City Limits.
    Posted By: food lover (18/08/2008 8:22:08 PM)
    Comment: For the best ever pizza, hit up Papa’s Pizza in Cloverdale!
    Posted By: FOOD LOVER (18/08/2008 8:21:09 PM)
    Comment: You gotta try BREAKFAST at Carlos’s country Kitchen on College Ave.!! in Santa Rosa. Try the enchilada omelette, or even better, have the eggs benedict. the best I’ve ever had!
    Posted By: H & M (18/08/2008 7:11:36 PM)
    Comment: Union Hotel on Mission in Santa Rosa. The family style meal will leave you with tons of leftovers. Plus, Thursday nights you can take out an X-Large pizza for $13.99.
    Posted By: fun girl (18/08/2008 5:01:32 PM)
    Comment: Chevy’s Happy Hour from 3 – 6pm mon – fri – full size appetizers are $3.00 You can’t beat that
    Posted By: HOLLY (18/08/2008 4:37:16 PM)
    Posted By: NANCY (18/08/2008 4:16:45 PM)
    Comment: hands down.. $1.00 tacos at the taco truck that parks next to Sam’s Cafe on Sebastopol Rd…right outside Angelicas Jewlery.. ohh.. & the Carne Asada Tortas to die for. Also cheap Ohana’s hawaiian restaurant near costco on sr. ave.. wow.. u get u’r money’s worth.. the family pack meal is 24.00 3 choices of meat/chicken/seafood + mac salad & rice.. it feeds like 12people. the portions are huge…even w/ the regular meals- it will last me 2days.
    Posted By: Tracey (18/08/2008 3:37:58 PM)
    Comment: I gotta take a page out of Heather’s postings and say Las Palmas on Santa Rosa Ave and second the Costco hotdog meal for a buck fifty! Pupusas are always a bargain and use the Sonoma express for 2 for 1 deals and go up a notch!
    Posted By: lovesgoodfood (18/08/2008 3:09:43 PM)
    Comment: I have just discovered Papas and Pollos in Sebastopol, their specialty is the mesquite grilled chicken and it makes for a really good burrito. My favorite thing about the burritos is they have black beans in them and they are not laden down with tons of cheese, and high fat stuff, justs lots of other good things. The menu is extensive and they offer many vegitarian options too. Another really good place in Cotati is Masala Jacks. Their menu is still very reasonably priced and everything is very yummy! Their mango lassi is awesome-not to sweet or thick, just perfect!
    Posted By: Scott (18/08/2008 2:52:33 PM)
    Comment: I’d like to throw in Chile Rellenos at El Sombrero on Piner Rd @ Range- they have a two relleno plate on most Thursdays for $7 that is great. They also have the best carnitas in the area, a bit more pricey but well worth the extra couple of bucks.
    Posted By: SaraLynn (18/08/2008 2:21:27 PM)
    Comment: Recommended by my foodie husband, Windsor Castañedas Market’s hot food counter (Torta Cubana, or Tinga Gordita) or a great burger from Happy Dog in Sonoma.
    Posted By: SaraLynn (18/08/2008 2:10:12 PM)
    Comment: I second Angela’s in Windsor. You can’t beat the traditional style dollar tacos on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.
    Posted By: E (18/08/2008 1:39:27 PM)
    Comment: I would have to say, Lola’s Mexican market on Petaluma Hill Road. They have the best rotisserie chicken served with rice and beans plus tortillas, SO MUCH FOOD you will even have leftovers! Enjoy
    Posted By: starving student (18/08/2008 11:00:28 AM)
    Comment: Pususeria is called: Pupuseria Salvadorena. It’s on Maple Ave near the SR Fairgrounds.
    Posted By: starving student (18/08/2008 10:56:01 AM)
    Comment: the pupuseria by SR fair grounds, 2 great pupusas and an horchata for around $5 and they have table service. I also love their sweet corn tamal with sour cream for dessert. yum.
    Posted By: Cheap B*stard (18/08/2008 10:35:36 AM)
    Comment: List form, -Costco, the pizza, hotdogs, salads etc., if you are pathetically cheap-eat the samples. -Taco truck at West and Sebastopol Rd. Go pollo or al pastor. Tacos better than the burritos. -Subway-$5 for a 12 incher. -Vietnamese restaurants-Stony Point and Sebastopol Rd, one on West 3rd. -Taqueria Guadalajara-Healdsburg, great salsa verde. -Mary’s soup and salad. -Tipp Thai on Piner Road (great food), next door to Pizza Guys (bad, cheap pizza) -Sunnyside Tokyo on Sebastopol Rd, close to Fulton.
    Posted By: Rebecca (18/08/2008 10:25:01 AM)
    Comment: Flipper’s Gourmet Burgers has a great menu consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner items. Breakfast items are served all day. There are a variety of burgers that all come with salad and fries. The menu also contains pastas, steak, and chicken entrees, all at a reasonable cost in a great setting overlooking the river in downtown Petaluma.
    Posted By: CelticCrone (18/08/2008 10:23:50 AM)
    Comment: I am new to Sonoma County and Santa Rosa; live in a low-income complex for seniors. Would posters please include a street address and/or the business’ URL Thanks!
    Posted By: Daddys_toys (17/08/2008 8:38:08 PM)
    Comment: Braodway Market in Sonoma makes a killer deli sandwich for under $5. It’s not fancy at all, but, much better tasting than some of the “finer” places in Sonoma County. I see only locals who can’t afford the tourist food uptown in that place.
    Posted By: color (17/08/2008 4:34:16 PM)
    Comment: Angela’s taqueria in Windsor! Fast inexpensive, healthy burritos. My favorite is the BBQ tofu burrito.
    Posted By: eat_gator (15/08/2008 9:28:32 AM)
    Comment: can you say . . TACO TRUCKS, but which one??? And I need to add burgers. The GF and I always split one. I know, but I’m getting really fat. Here’s a few we like – the Washoe with 2 bloody mary’s, Mike’s krush burger with 2 beers, Balboa Cafe in Sf w/ bloodys , don’t forget Top Dog . . . . or split a large pho at Simply Vietnam.
    Posted By: junior (14/08/2008 11:58:57 PM)
    Comment: saigon kitchen spring roll and lemongrass skewered prawn
    Posted By: Emmett (14/08/2008 10:30:06 AM)
    Comment: I’d have to put in a plug for any of the county’s fabulous farmers markets. (Disclaimer: I sell veggies at the Healdsburg and Windsor markets.) The farmers market is a perfect place for a quick, tasty and very affordable bite to eat. The bakeries offer bread, focaccia, pastries. There are also generally some prepared foods–wraps, crepes, that sort of thing. And of course, there’s nothing like snacking on fresh carrots, radishes, or fruits. This is my first year growing and selling for a market, but I’ve long been a customer and fan of farmers markets all over the world. Our local ones are some of the best. -Emmett, Foggy River Farm (our farm blog)

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