Just in time to solidly crush all those silly promises to lay off the sweets this year, Sift Cupcake & Dessert Bar is adding six new confections to their cupcake lineup. Throughout December, the pastry peeps worked with Facebook fans to taste-test the new line which rolls out the week of January 10, 2011 — just in time for their Cupcake Wars debut on the Food Network on 1.11.11.

BiteClub got a guided tour just before the holidays. Try not to feel too jealous.

cupcake truffle at Sift

Cupcake Truffles: Cupcakes and frosting take a whirl in the blender, then get hand-dipped in chocolate to create a bite-sized cruffle. ($2)

Frosting Shots: If you’re in the camp that believes cupcakes are merely convenient carriers for a heaping helping of buttercream, belly up to the bar. Tiny shot glasses get a swirl of frosting, a few sprinkles and their own mini spoon. $1.50

Whoopie Cookies: Two soft homemade cookies sandwich a layer of buttercream frosting. These guys are Whoopie whoppers, so bring a friend to help out. ($3)

frosting shot at Sift

Profiteroles: Tiny puffs of pastry get a dollop of cream filling and a sprinkly ganache hat. So light and airy, it’s almost like there are no calories at all! $3 for 2.

Macarons: French almond meringue cookies (not the coconut ones) get supersized with smoosh of frosting in between. Classy AND gluten-free. ($3)

Cupcakes: The classic. Minis available by pre-order.

– Coming soon, Ice Cream Sammy: Homemade cookies embrace a scoop of ice cream.

Sift Cupcake & Dessert Bars: Cotati (7582 Commerce Blvd., 792-1681); Santa Rosa (703-4228) and Napa (1000 Main St., Suite 100, 240-4004)