You’re halfway to Munich at Franchetti’s Woodfire Kitchen on Saturday, Sept. 29. The restaurant will celebrate Oktoberfest and owner Gesine Franchetti’s German heritage with a beer-friendly menu of soft pretzels, wurst and kraut fritters, German potato salad (Muttis bester Kartoffel Salat), homemade tater tots with lox and horseradish, a mixed grill plate with pork chops and rostbraten and Kaese Spaetzle, a German-style mac and cheese with shredded Emmentaler and caramelized onions.

Reservations are recommended. 1229 North Dutton, Santa Rosa,, 707-526-1229.

If you miss the 29th, Gesine’s German schnitzel and pork roast are always on the dinner menu.