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Classic French bistro fare with a family-friendly vibe (and full bar).

Bistro M interior

Bistro M interiorSettled into the Windsor Town Green Bistro M has familiar old friends from owners Bryan and Matthew Bousquet’s former restaurant, Mirepoix: steak frite, escargot, coq au vin and steak au poivre. But Bistro M has
a more relaxed, less brass-ring feel, tossing in a Croque Madame, hamburger, and Caesar salad into the mix for the lunch crowd along with charcuterie, oysters, cheeses and simple salads.
Make no mistake, however, that doesn’t mean you won’t find some classy nouveau rustic dishes at the Bistro with Bousquet’s signature all over them: Frog’s Legs Provencal ($13), Sweet Breads with Fries, Lamb Neck ($12)  and Cassoulet.
A few best bets: Duck liver mousse, house cured salmon, trout rillettes (3 for $12 on the charcuterie menu); a lush, sweet onion soup ($9); Sole Mueniere with roasted potatoes ($15), mussels ($12).
Bistro M has a full bar with an beefy wine list and will be serving Sunday brunch from 10am to 8pm, lunch and dinner 11:30am to 9pm Monday through Saturday.
Bistro M, 610 McClelland Drive, Windsor, 707-838-3118.


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  1. We visited M Bistro on a Sunday afternoon this April. The service was spotty…long wait for entree.
    the sole dish was served as “fish and chips” deep fried. thin slices of sole were nearly impossible to taste in the batter of fried flour. The wine we ordered on the menu was unavailable. The bloody mary was a long wait because the bartender need to make a new batch. The bib lettuce starter was definitely unremarkable..lettuce was tough. This restaurant needs a lot of improvment.

  2. We finally had our first foray into the new place and were seriously looking forward to it. I am sad to say that the food at the Sunday brunch was just so-so. We felt the decor also lacked any warmth and certainly didn’t feel like a bistro to us.
    What really got to us, though, was the service. I really hope that Bryan and Matthew take the time to read your excellent item about timing for customers, then have serious discussion with the wait staff.
    While we waited for a table, despite being more than half empty, we were told at least 10 times by various personnel that our table would be ready in just a moment. Then we were finally seated. While we were served water immediately by the hostess, we waited well over 10 minutes before our waitperson even came near us. No apology or friendliness. Service continued to be lack-luster. There was absolutely no reason for this type of service. Despite our love of Mirepoix, Bistro M needs some serious work to get up to the level we think they are trying to achieve.
    And what is up with the sign? Still not up as of the 14th.
    We hope they sort out the details as we would love to dine here more in the future.

  3. Are you kidding? If you’re going to compare ANYTHING to the crap served at Denny’s, you have no business stepping foot into Bistro M!

  4. We went in for dinner Feb 8th on a Monday night. It was the worst meal we have ever had in a restaurant with trained chefs. We started with the ceasar salad, was not even close to being worth 9.00!!!! It was wilted, overdressed, soggy, not enough cheese and salty!!!!! The only redeming quality was the bread wafer. Main course. I had the flat steak and it was smothered in greasy sweet sauce, and it was gristly. Way too many fries, not enough steak, and again far too salty!!!! I looked around the room and sadly missed Langleys….if that doesn’t say it all. I and my husband felt the menu was lacking, and somewhat “weird”. I did not eat hardly any of my meal and refused a doggy bag. I told her everything was too salty. She did check back when we first took a bite, but sometimes it takes a minute or two to figure out how bad it is. And do you really want to send a meal back with out the chef/owner there. Also my husband hated the “casserole” it was dull and boring. The only thing good was the service, although she should of comped our corkage when she saw how politely I didn’t eat my meal and not make a stink about it. It looks like Langley’s just painted and reapolstered. What’s sad is that a lot of these places put on the spritz when someone who can build their business comes in, but hell to the rest of us. I won’t be back. EVER!!

  5. Had lunch there today. The service was wonderful and thoughtful. We had the escargot (a little too citrus and lacking in enough butter and garlic). But the caesar salad was very good (just enough anchovies) and the steak au poive (sp?) — the mashed potatoes, sauce and onion rings were really good. And the steak was buttery and cooked — super. All in all, the food was very good, seasoned just right …
    We’ll come back again to try the sweatbreads, etc. Thanks!

  6. HEATHER – the links have not been working recently. This Bistro M page came up when clicking on the P30 thumbnail. It’s been happening quite a bit. IT should look at it,
    THanks – besides I want to know about P/30!

  7. Incredible food, start with the burger and work your way up. What’s with the weak interior? Seems thrown together by amateurs. Food brings you in, ambiance brings you back.

  8. We’ve had three dinners so far at Bistro M and every one proved to be outstanding. Another item that’s bringing us back so frequently is the extremely knowledgeable and polite staff. Bryan’s wine selection is refrshing too.

  9. Sounds INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL! I am looking very forward to help support Bistro M earn their Michelin star. I have been a BIG fan of Chef Ben Davies ever since first dining at Mirepoix years ago. Chef Davies completely blew my mind with a deconstructed Ceasar Salad and then continued to elevate my taste buds to a whole new level with each course seved throughout our dining experience. A BIG WELCOME HOME BEN!

  10. Wow, was I at the same restaurant as the previous posters? My hubby and I went there last week (for lunch) and found almost everything barely underwhelming (including the el-cheapo decor)…except the frites. The onion soup was cold/congealed, had too much bread in it and the cheese on top was burned, the croque madame’s bechamel was grainy and had a weird aftertaste, the egg on top was rubbery, but the frites that it came with were fab (better than HGB, so we did leave full. Considering the previous rave reviews and the fact that we like Mirepoix, we’ll give Bistro M one more try.

  11. Dang. Didn’t get the pudding. I have to say with absolute honesty that I’m seriously jonesing to go back and try everything on the menu. Okay, not sure about the lamb tongue salad, but everything else.

  12. Went there for Sunday brunch too and it was excellent. Ordered the Eggs Benedict and the Quiche Florentine. I was told they’re going to start serving the Benedict on homemade english muffins… which will put it over the top!

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