20 Incredible Bakeries in Sonoma County

Where to get the best sticky, gooey, flakey pastries and breads in Sonoma County.

Here are 20 of our favorite bakeries throughout Sonoma County. We’ve had to make some tough choices since there are far more bread bakers, pie shops and cookie chefs than we can list here. We’ll follow up with more favorites in select categories, or check out our guides to great local producers and great pies. 

Miss a favorite? Add it in the comments below.

Contributors: Diane Peterson (DP)

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13 thoughts on “20 Incredible Bakeries in Sonoma County

    1. I beg to differ with hopflower regarding Criminal Baking. I consider myself somewhat of a bakery aficionado and I love the variety and quality of the offerings at Criminal Baking. Judge for yourself. Do not take the word of an anonymous reviewer who does not explain what makes this, in his/her words, “the worst bakery I have ever gone to”!!

  1. and still Guerneville has no good bakery. Only Safeway bakery which smells like rancid oil. Aritisan, not!
    Sure is high time to get a decent bakery here.

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