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In the comments below, submit any question about food, dining, restaurants you may have. I’ll do the absolute best I can to answer in an upcoming BiteClub post.

ie: Where’s the best place for burgers?

Where do I find Jewish cuisine?

Does Sonoma County have Cronuts?

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19 thoughts on “Ask

  1. How about a list of vegan, or vegan-friendly, places? Please not places that make food vegan by leaving off sauces and other components. Or places that don’t pay attention to cross-contamination (we have food allergies here). If you put vegan food on a grill where you grilled meat without a good cleaning in-between, it’s not vegan food. If you have one set of ice cream scoops sitting in the same water-filled container, then all the ice creams have all the ingredients of the others, even if you use a clean scoop. And don’t get me started on shared fryers. So what’s out there? I have a few I can put on a list, but want to know about more. And wow I really miss Sparks but the Sunflower Cafe (Lydia’s Organics) is an awesome addition to Sonoma County. Thanks!

  2. Grab and go- I think Whole Foods on Yulupa does have breakfast items on their hot bar. I don’t know about other Whole Foods, or Oliver’s Markets. I think that Sonoma Market in Sonoma also has breakfast items on their hot bar.

  3. Breakfast on the run…I am always stumped for breakfast on the go. the bagels in this town suck they arent bagels. breakfast never know what your going to get. I once got french frys in mine. where the best grab and go quick morning breakfast!?

          1. Actually I heard yesterday that the breakfast biscuits at Chik-filA were good. It would help me narrow it down a little to know if you’re looking for something healthy, pastries, bagels specifically (you’re right, of course) or something else. Fast food?

            i think its a great question, because i’m not a person who enjoys eating breakfast at home and i’m frequently out grabbing a pastry or bagel or breakfast burrito. Unfortunately, I’m kind of attached to McDonald’s bburitos. Yeah, I said it.

  4. I have been uber curious about what is up with the new Italian restaurant in Forestville~Canetti’s? Seems like it appeared over night and every time I drive by it looks empty.

  5. Any updates on Butcher and Cook?

    Is “Pho Crazy” (formerly Anh Linh) on W 3rd just a rename/remodel or is there new ownership?

    Are there any good buffets in Sonoma County?

    What’s the current state of food trucks in the area? Seems like a lot of “old” favorites have turned in their keys.

    Are you going to have time to do the Food Fair Scramble this year?

    1. I’ll check with Berry, but last i heard on Butcher and Cook she was in permitting hell.
      Check on other two. Food trucks..great story and there are a few new ones in the works.
      No scramble. sorry. I don’t have time.


      1. Butcher & Cook has moved from permit hell into bum landlord hell. I’m not sure if the location is going to fly so I’m looking at alternate locales. I’m so anxious to get open soon! Biteclub will be the first to know I promise!

    1. Um, that would be subjective, but a good question. I’m gonna guess anyone who asks that question might be a fan of hooters?

  6. Can you PLEASE post a list of restaurants that don’t charge a corkage fee? Or, at best, a nominal fee? Thanks!

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