Global Pop! at Forchetta Bastoni

Chef Tai returns one night only

Chef Tai Olesky in 2009 (PD File)
Chef Tai Olesky in 2009 (PD File)
Chef Tai Olesky in 2009 (PD File)
Chef Tai Olesky in 2009 (PD File)

Chef Tai Olesky of the former Mosaic restaurant in Forestville is the guest chef (one night only!) at on June 26, 2013 from 5-8pm. His special menu includes tempura fried squash blossoms, fennel pollen dusted sea scallops with white corn polenta, local wild salmon with favas and morels, butter leaf lettuce salad, cocoa-nib encrusted filet mignon and buttermilk panna cotta with stone fruit maple syrup. The menu is $75 per person and reservations are required.

Up next on the special Wednesday menu: an All-American barbecue ($25 per person) and fireworks watching on the plaza (July 4) followed by a South of the Border dinner (July  by chef Jamilah Nixon featuring family favorite taqueria recipes (a la carte, $5 and up). Details online at

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2 thoughts on “Global Pop! at Forchetta Bastoni

  1. Now you know. When this place opened, they described themselves as the ‘realization of Vietnamese street food’ or some such description. The pricing looks more like they visited the Tiburon or Bel Aire of the Vietnamese streets. We’ve chosen not to try their food, and it looks like this is another testimonial to the wisdom of our choice.
    I wish them good luck, but I’ll stick with places that demonstrate quality and value.

  2. This restaurant is on its way down. We ate there recently expecting a pleasant dinner and left feeling
    totally disappointed. The limited wine list didn’t have the first two wines we chose, not a good sign.
    The pizza oven was not available. The appetizer was burnt toast with mushrooms that made it barely acceptable. The main courses of pasta were ok, but at $19 were overpriced. No bread either on the table or with the pasta. Overall, not impressed. Check out their reviews on the usual sites. We didn’t
    and that was our mistake. Sebastopol has lots of other better rated places.

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