froyo.jpgWith the dog days of summer slobbering at our toes, it seems fitting to give a shout-out redux to my favorite spot to beat the heat: Yogurt Farms.

Around since the early 1980’s, this
Mendocino Avenue soft-serve emporium is cute as a cupcake inside, with
a resident plastic cow and more flavors than you can shake a spoon at.
Purists laud the tart, yogurty quality of this local frozen treat
purveyor. They also have ice cream and Hawaiian shave ice with flavors flown in from the islands. Not to mention the nicest yogurt slingers in town (despite the fact that this old-school fro-yo spot is un-airconditioned.)

Take your cup to go. Or just sit on the curb like the rest of us. Yogurt Farms: 1224 Mendocino
Ave., Santa Rosa, (707) 576-0737

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