SpaghettiO cupcakes with Velveeta frosting. They're actually pretty tasty.

SpaghettiO cupcakes with Velveeta frosting. They’re actually pretty tasty.

Leave it to the Internet to come up with the wackiest food combinations that, well, actually usually taste pretty good. Case in point: The SpaghettiO cupcake with Velveeta buttercream frosting.

Now, like you my first reaction was, “Nasty!” But  think about it: Tomato soup cake is a classic. Cream cheese frosting, another classic. Now just up the salt quotient by like a thousand. Add some noodles for structure, and you’ve got something pretty okay.

BiteClub’s ready to haul these puppies out for Halloween, because Snickers Minis and Dum-Dums are so ten years ago. And really, what’s more fun that horrifying small children with a good food prank? (In the spirit of fun, of course. And mostly my own children, who are my culinary lab rats anyway.)

The test batch turned out pretty tasty, and children, co-workers and unsuspecting radio hosts all agreed they tasted pretty good, if a bit curious.

The looks on their faces when I revealed the “secret” ingredients, however? Priceless.

Wanna make a batch? They’re ridiculously easy. Check out the recipe here.