cookies2.jpgIt takes a special cookie to get my attention in January.  

First off, I am still nursing a powerful sugar hangover from the holidays. I blame the fudge and brittle and boxes of Sees Candy my co-workers so thoughtlessly left within arm’s reach along with all of the cookie recipes I was forced to taste-test. Repeatedly.

And secondly, there is my diet to consider. I am really seriously thinking about maybe not eating so much. My ass isn’t going to shrink itself.

But “Doughman” Glenn Minervini-Zick got my taste buds quivering with a hand-delivered box of his devilishly-delish sweet and savory cookies.

This Sebastopol CPA turned semi-pro baker bakes up micro-batches of complex, herb-infused treats in a borrowed commercial kitchen. Getting a box is strictly a word-of-mouth affair. Over the holidays he baked more than 6,000 cookies…and sold out completely.

If you want to get in on the action, Glenn is currently working on three new flavors: Mojito (a lime and mint sugar cookie) with either rum butter cream or chocolate ganache; a bay leaf-infused sandwich cookie with sweet plum tomato butter cream and a mint-lavender shortbread dipped in bittersweet chocolate.

They’re all complex little flavor monsters that will have you back in the sweet saddle, licking the powdered sugar off your fingers. Diets be damned.

Check out Glenn’s website at or call him at 707.823.2615.