Zazu’s impromptu al fresco

Where there's smoke there's...bad wiring?

Where there’s smoke there’s bad wiring?

Late last Saturday, a Zazu Restaurant manager noticed an aroma that definitely wasn’t coming from the bustling roadhouse kitchen. Turns out a bit of faulty wiring had caused some minor smoldering in the ceiling. As a precaution the remaining customers were moved to the parking lot for an impromptu nightcap of Prosecco and dessert as local firefighters sussed out the culprit.

Despite a few holes in the ceiling (which some helpful Zazu contractor friends helped patch up on Sunday), the nimble response of the local firemen meant there was no major damage and the restaurant reopened Wednesday for business as usual.

And apparently co-owner Duskie Estes has some fans in the local firehouse, who later said they recognized her from her stint on The Next Iron Chef.