La Rosa to open

Cantina successor readies for April opening

After several months of reworking menus and interior updates, La Rosa Tequilaria and Grille is slated to open in mid-April. Rumors have a soft opening as early as April 8, but plans are still being finalized.

La Rosa replaces Cantina Mexican restaurant in downtown Santa Rosa, recently taken over by several hospitality pros who popularized a sister Cantina restaurant in Aspen.

The menu is focused on standard Mex-American dishes (chimichangas, buritos, shrimp tacos, enchiladas and fajitas,) but also showcases regionally-inspired specialty plates including ancho chili salmon, pan-seared snapper and Adobo marinated shrimp. New owners will also feature a master collection of high end tequilas for flights, tastings and pairings. The shuttered second floor is slated to reopen later as a sports bar serving more casual fare.

Stay tuned for more details…



6 thoughts on “La Rosa to open

  1. La Rosa is open!

    We love great Mexican Food and a Top shell Magarita, so we went downtown on Monday night!
    We went there Monday night!
    All i like to say and writte at this time, give them at least 3 more weeks to straighten out a lot of
    problems, from Service, the bar, to the Food.
    We will try it again in 3 weeks!

  2. Interesting name choice. If it’s anything close to what ROSIE’S CANTINA was, they may have something.

    1. Never heard of Rosie’s Cantina in Santa Rosa. I do know there is a 3rd Street Cantina so is that shutting down? And where is Cantina Mexican is downtown Santa Rosa? Wow, guess I’ve missed a lot of happenings in downtown?

      1. I should have worded that as The Cantina, it’s on 4th Street actually. Sorry about the mix-up. But I never heard of Rosie’s Cantina or Cantina Mexican…where are those?

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