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Best biscuits and gravy you'll ever taste

Best ever biscuits and gravy
Best ever biscuits and gravy



After several months of success as a dinner-only spot, Blue Label at the Belvedere’s funky kitchen crew have opened for breakfast.

Utilizing the old bar as cafe central, there’s both grab and go counter service with made-to-order espresso drinks (the Stuffed Buffalo is a winner with ginger syrup, milk and espresso), house made pastries (fresh donuts on Mondays only, muffins, breakfast burritos, rolls and daily coffee cakes the rest of the week) but you’re also welcome to grab a seat and savor Stuffed French Toast, quiche, egg strata, oatmeal or a plate of the best Biscuits and Gravy you’ll ever taste. And I made sure to try it twice just to make sure.

The crew mix things up from day to day to keep it interesting, kind of like your mama would. So just eat what they’re serving and say thank you.

The sunny side porch is as inviting a spot as you’ll find in Sonoma County to fill your tummy with scratch-baked comfort cuisine. Good food makes for a good morning.  Open 8am to 2:30pm (they’re doing lunch now, too!)

727 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, 542-8705.


7 thoughts on “Blue Label Cafe | Santa Rosa

  1. OK BiteClub – the _best_ biscuits and gravy I’ll _ever_ taste? Does that include the Deep South? I’m on my way!

  2. hmmm……just thinking if you made homemade, hot donuts on’d have lines out the door….last time I had a hot delish donut was London..yeah London..cold day, hot sugary, cinnommoneee and yummee..

  3. I work right across the street so have been twice already this week. The staff is super sweet. The fresh made donuts on Monday were amazing – small oddly shaped (sort of like muffins) old fashioned/cake style donuts with light cinnamon sugar. Really good. And they have ready made egg salad sandwiches with pesto on sourdough with the crusts cut off which are delish. I went back the next day for another but they had run out, so they made one for me special. I haven’t tried the full breakfast but I’m really happy they opened the cafe and I know I will be a regular. Also the sun room is a really sweet place to drink your coffee or tea. I’ve been there for dinner too and it was amazing.

    1. Bad meal at Blue Label. I like Heather Irwin and respect her opinion, and since she has been promoting Blue Label we ate there Friday night. With a 7 p.m reservation our food arrived at 8;15, Other people who arrived ahead of us received their food earlier. No one stopped at our table to offer an explanation. The little bit of soda pop lamb was actually good, but it was served on a bed of cool, lumpy parmesan potatoes, The lemon pie was ok, but not special. My friend’s meatloaf and bread pudding were average and disappointing. The bill with $8 for drinks was $63 before a tip. Not a good dining experiende.

      1. Man, what could you have possibly said to them for that to happen? The servers are great and the food even better. This is our new go to restaurant.

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