XXV to open

New cafe and art spot to open

A new downtown Santa Rosa cafe, art and music venue is slated to open sometime in late summer, according to a sign posted in Courthouse Square. XXV (or Twenty Five) is located in a narrow interior space near the revamped La Rosa is currently gutted and in mid-construction.


5 thoughts on “XXV to open

  1. I have a question for anyone. I keep hearing that The Cheesecake Factory and maybe California Pizza Kitchens are opening up in SR..any truth?/ When and where??

    1. I’ve heard Cheesecake for a long time, but it never seems to pan out. CPK i don’t know. The one i’m hearing from several people now is Chipotle.

      1. Goodness gracious. Awful cheesecake, awful pizza, and – in California of all places – awful Mex. Knock yourselves out, but Sign of the Apocalypse, surely.

        1. As recovering Angelino, I agree that Cheesecake Factory is awful food for people who don’t know any better, but I actually like CPK, especially the Thai Chicken Pizza.

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