Wurst Restaurant

Sausagerie to open in Hburg

When it rains it pours. Healdsburgers are atwitter at the news that a new sausagerie and frites spot called Wurst will be opening at 22 Matheson near Relish Culinary in the coming months. The space formerly housed a shoe store and salon.


4 thoughts on “Wurst Restaurant

  1. It is the perfect fit next to the Murphy Goode tasting room. A little snake eyes zin and a nice fat sausage. It is the perfect combo. Looking forward to sitting on the patio people watching while enjoying lunch/dinner

  2. Yay, so excited to hear since our Tasting Room, Murphy-Goode , is right next door. Much better fit than a shoe store or salon. It has been empty for sooo long. Hope people fill up on sausage and then come next door to taste some really great wines!!

    1. This is cool, but i am even more excited to see that Sizzling Tandoor is opening another outlet here in Healdsburg in the Villagio Toscana!

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