Mirepoix to become Momma Pig

Windsor eatery goes BBQ?

When BiteClub reported that Mirepoix was closing for “renovations”, there was a nagging doubt that they’d reopen anytime soon. Owner Matthew Bousquet, despite earning a Michelin star this year, had publicly expressed concerns over the haute restaurant’s bottom line. Added to the continuing doldrums surrounding the Town Green, it wasn’t surprising to hear this week that Mirepoix would be history.

The good news however: Bousquet and his wife plan to reopen the restaurant as a family-friendly barbecue spot this summer called Momma Pig. The success of the couple’s original French bistro concept will hopefully port over to the Bousquet’s other Windsor restaurant, Bistro M.

Check out the Windsor Times’ coverage.


10 thoughts on “Mirepoix to become Momma Pig

  1. Ok, so we went to see what all the hype was with the changeover from a Michelin * to a bbq joint. Must say very cute interior. Have many issues with the food and atmosphere. First, they have a real fly problem. Brian and Matt were not in as they needed “time with the family”. They open at 11am – so we’re thinking, we’re in the area, let’s try it. The ribs were not ready (even though they open at 11am). On your suggestion we tried the brisket, pulled pork and hush piggies. The “smoke” was overbearing – tasted like liquid smoke; the pulled pork must have been plated before the brisked because by the time we picked it up and put it on the table, the roll was mush on the pulled pork. The brisket tasted like it was swimming in liquid smoke and not edible. Hate to tell the chef on duty that he really needs to change his oil. The hush puppies were almost black and very dry. Sauces need tweaking and the coleslaw was really runny. Try not to give a bad review unless it’s really bad and sorry to say that the taste is still in my mouth and stomach (two seltzers later). Sorry to see the old MirePoix couldn’t make it. Think Bistro M is marginal…..

  2. My husband and I were just saying that Windsor needs a good bbq joint. I guess someone was listening. Can’t wait to check Momma Pigs out when they open. Yeah to bbq and no frills dining.

  3. While I’ll miss heading to Mirepoix every time my wife and I are in the Bay Area, I look forward to the BBQ! Matthew rocks and I look forward to being a little piggy at Momma Pig!

  4. I am excited over the prospect of a BBQ restaurant in downtown Windsor. It will be more affordable and family oriented for local residents. Nothng like a good brisket or shredded pork entre’and micro brew to satisfy.

  5. Wise decision. The town of Windsor can’t support a high end, Michelin-star caliber restaurant. Langley’s, Odyssey, and now Mirepoix have all failed. It seems, when Windsor residents want inspired cuisine they head to Healdsburg. Chain-like restaurants seem to be a better fit for Windsor’s community.

    1. Windsor did support this Michelin-star caliber restaurant for a long time, so I don’t think that is an accurate statement. Call it the economy, or perhaps other financial troubles which could have been possibly avoided by the owners, but don’t blame it on Windsor. It is also not fair to lump Mirepoix in with the likes of Langley’s. It was good food, but nothing near a Michelin-star caliber restaurant, as they never really executed the classic dishes they served (with not many risks taken) at that kind of a level. Mirepoix will be missed by this Windsor resident.

      1. Actually Norm, Mirepoix earned its Michelin star just recently, in October 2010, appearing in the 2011 Michelin guide. Prior to that, it had no Michelin star. Also, it had just changed the prior year to become the prix fixe restaurant that earned it the star. Either this model was too expensive to keep up the caliber of cuisine that earned them the Michelin star or there wasn’t enough interest in the restaurant in Windsor (and it wasn’t a big enough draw from other areas) to keep the passion going. Bistro M is the more causal (and, in Windsor, probably more successful) restaurant from the Mirepoix folks. Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em with BBQ.

  6. We are so excited about Momma Pigs BBQ returning to its routs (no pun intended) in Windsor. Making their debut at the Windsor Certified Farmers Market in 2002-2004, customers have asked for 8 years for them to come back. Momma Pigs has stayed at the top of our waiting list for the Thursday Night Farmers Market, so so be surprised to see them out on the street in June. Customers came from San Francisco to get the best BBQ in Northern California. How lucky it is to live in Sonoma County!

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