Woodfour Brewing hires Chef Peden

Former Campo Fina, Petite Syrah chef takes over kitchen of Woodfour

Jamil Peden
Jamil Peden

Exec Chef Jamil Peden of Woodfour Brewing Co.
Exec Chef Jamil Peden of Woodfour Brewing Co.

Chef Jamil Peden, who’s done stints at Campo Fina (Healdsburg) and at the former Petite Syrah (Santa Rosa) will head up the kitchen of the soon-to-open brewery located in Sebastopol’s Barlow complex.

Say owners Seth Wood and Olav Vier, “At Woodfour Brewing Co. we feel that food in our kitchen deserves as much respect and attention as the beer in the brewery. With that in mind, it gives us great pleasure to introduce the newest member of our team, Executive Chef Jamil Peden. The guy has some serious talent and style to boot.”

Watch for a (fingers crossed) July opening.


3 thoughts on “Woodfour Brewing hires Chef Peden

  1. I too watched Chef Jamil on t.v. and I think his personality is great. Some people can deal with a strong-willed, opinionated individual and some people can’t. I just believe he was not right for that place. It certainly doesn’t mean he is not right for another place. This is obvious because he was hired by someone else. Maybe he just needs a boss with a thick skin.

  2. While this chef may be talented he is very arrogant and he showed his arrogance on that Anne Burrell show of late. He’s lucky he got hired for any job with the way he performed on that show. But I’m sure what he will say to this review of him “that’s an opinion. I’ll just ignore it”

    Good luck to whomever marries this guy or hires him. Those peeps will need it.

    1. You are so right – I just watched that show and I suppose he’s got some kind of cooking chops, but he certainly could give a riff about any of the constructive criticism that was given to him.

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