Wild Foxx

Simple, straightforward diner food in Santa Rosa

burger.jpgJust a quick hit on the new Santa Rosa coffee shop/diner, Wild Foxx. It’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect to pop up at the former Baker’s Square — breakfast all day, pies and cakes in a refrigerated case up front, a massive menu with everything from burgers and French dip sandwiches to rib eye steak, chicken marsala and shrimp scampi. (See my earlier post on their naming woes)
I’ve only had a chance to do lunch so far, ordering up a solidly cooked (if a bit greasy) cheeseburger and fries. Certainly not the best burger ever, but far from the worst. Respectable, plate-eclipsing diner fare at a reasonable(ish) $8.25. My server was bright and bubbly, the service quick and things seemed clean and orderly.
Expect to rub elbows with plenty of the senior-set at lunch — on my visit the over 65-crowd was well-represented (okay, I felt downright youthful) — and families in the booths. Kid-friendly grub (meaning lots of fried comfort food from mozzarella sticks to potato skins) is in plentiful supply. Closest local comparison: Adel’s.
Wild Foxx Restaurant: Breakfast, lunch and dinner, 1350 Farmers Lane, Santa Rosa, (707) 544-8117.