Whole Foods Coddingtown: Sept opening

Wondering when the new Whole Foods in Coddingtown will open its doors? There’s been plenty of action happening, and the new date that BiteClub’s gotten wind of…September 22, 2010.
Stay tuned.


8 thoughts on “Whole Foods Coddingtown: Sept opening

  1. When I moved to Santa Rosa in 1980, Coddingtown was uncovered like Montgomery Village. It had it’s advantages except it was freezing and soaking wet in the winter (of course) and roasting in the summer.
    I feel the original ambiance of the place was destroyed when the put the roof on and having the downtown plaza open pretty much took away most of the business.
    Coddingtown has had some nice quality stores over the years, it just always looks totally unloved. Like the owners/managers don’t really give a @#$% whether it prospers or not. The crappy 70’s elevator music and lousy public restrooms dont’ help the ambiance any. Most of the Simon managed malls I’ve seen around the state suck and that’s when this place started REALLY sucking, when they took over management of it.
    Looking for to the new Whole Foods location as I suggested it to them years ago when the old grocery store there closed. Corporate told me they had no plans and weren’t interested in placing their store at that location. Next thing I hear, there they plan to place it. They owe me a finders fee I believe…….

  2. It’s expensive but terrific! All the folks at the SR and Seb stores seem fairly happy! Employees and customers too! I’m there…..

  3. No amount of remodeling can hide the evil that is Whole Foods. There may be organic foods, but there is no love for employees or customers.
    Too bad evil is organic too.

    1. hmm don’t know about evil? Exaggerate much. I have a few friends who work at a couple in south Florida and they couldn’t be more pleased. Free shares, great benefits, and high than average pay….

  4. The one bright spot on the blighted Coddingtown Mall. Keep the Whole Foods and demolish the rest. Unless you live in the arctic, Indoor malls are done. Let’s get innovative people!

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