Vegas Bound

Where should I go?

Thanks for all the great recommendations. I had a blast. I’m overwhelmed with work the next couple days, but i promise to circle back with me recommendations.
BiteClub is heading to fab Las Vegas for the long Labor Day weekend. Call it an excuse to pretend I didn’t just turn 39 (+1).
Other than reservations at Joel Robuchon’s Atelier on Saturday night (thanks Justin and KJ kitchen crew for the reco), I’m fancy free. What are your favorite Vegas eating adventures? Any great cheap eats on the strip? Anything I absolutely shouldn’t miss? I’m looking to you for recommendations. I’ll post my adventures next week.
Look forward to your ideas!


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  1. Next time you come back to Vegas you have to try the “secret” pizzeria at the new Cosmopolitan hotel. There’s huge buzz around it and it’s some of the best pizza in Vegas and bonus for tourists is that it’s right on the strip in the new City Center megaplex.

  2. A 5 minute cab ride off the strip is “Lawry’s Prime Rib”. Yes, same creator as the season sald. I love the Prime Rib there. Never had a bad experiene even after 20+ years. Beats House of Prime in SF by a loooong shot.

  3. I was in Vegas in May and had an enjoyable lunch at the casual restaurant at the Four Seasons. Otherwise I’m not sure I’d bother with the hotel restaurants!

  4. OH! If you want to see what I think would TOTALLY work in the North Bay, visit one of the “PT’s Pubs” they got out there…Full bar, inexpensive and the food is really good for that kind of fare. Just one of the places I enjoyed while living out there.

  5. Stratosphere for lunch. Dinner is way too expensive but lunch is actually reasonable and having been up there both during the day and night I found the views during the day spectacular and the night views only mediocre. You can probably guess what I ordered…American Kobe bacon cheese burger. It was excellent.
    Paris has what I think is the best breakfast buffett. A little pricey but everything was high quality and full of flavor.
    If you get out to Pahrump Red Sky BBQ is awesome…if they are still there. (Although honestly, there are only two reasons to go out there…cat houses and Front Sight – I go for that latter.)
    Have fun; be safe

  6. A can’t miss meal is at “Burger Bar” on the Mandalay Bay property. Gourmet burgers and microbrew beer. What more could you want?

  7. We just got back last night. You MUST try Beso, Eva Longoria and Todd English’s spot, at Crystals and Aria. As you may or may not know it is a latin themed steak house and the food was all incredible.
    The flank steak, horseradish mashed potatoes and the guacamole where out of this world!!! Do NOT miss out!!!!

  8. Go through the warren of the Palazzo until you find a small coffee shop right by the Phantom of the Opera theater. Get a cheese danish. In fact, get several. My boyfriend and I are cheese danish fanatics and this is undoubtedly the best specimen in existence. Perfect p/c (pastry to cheese) ratio and brilliantly, just brilliantly flavored.
    I’m not kidding. This is a not miss. This is a never missed. Were it not a 8 hour drive, I’d get one every day. I’d allow myself to grow to the size of a human cheese danish.
    In fact, can you mail one to LA for me?
    Also we’re very much fans of Mon Ami Gabi for breakfast and excellent coffee with a fabulous view. We like to pretend we’re Parisian snobs (not to the waiters, just to ourselves).

  9. Cafe Ba Ba Reeba at Fashion Show mall – Tapas
    Firefly on Paradise – Tapas
    Lotus of Siam is the best Thai food
    Osaka(the original on Sahara) – Tepan grill and Sushi
    Fausto’s blows Roberto’s away for mexican food
    Paradise Cantina is a great affordable and tasty joint across from Hard Rock…everything else is expensive near the strip
    Yoli’s on Paradise is awesome Puerta Rican bbq
    I Love Sushi on Eastern and Sumo Sushi on Green Valley Pkwy have killer food and fun sushi chefs
    Rae’s Lounge…a hole in the wall on Pecos and Wigwam…has the best meat loaf…sounds crazy but you will go back…and it is no secret the video poker at the bar has the highest payouts every year for 15+ years.

    1. I would agree Fausto’s is a tad better than Roberto’s BUT they’re not 24 hours (atleast the one on S. Eastern wBTW Heather, keep in mind alot of the suggestions I’m seeng from people are “touristy” spots on or around the strip, while mine were where the locals go. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that.
      Here’s a couple more: Hash House A-Go-Go is good place for breakfast or lunch and you REALLY need to try and find the Fuku Burger truck…more info on that here:
      It’s right up the Bite Club alley 😉

  10. You are in Vegas, so you have to have at least one buffet (if not two).
    1st) The Wynn buffet. It’ simply the best in Vegas. Much of the food is 4 star restaurant quality. This buffet is no Circus-Circus, that’s for sure. You will really enjoy this one.
    2nd) The Aria Buffet. This is listed only if you are a desert lover. Their food is good, mostly asian influenced, but their deserts are bar none the best in Vegas. It beats Payards pastry shop in Cesars. Mouth watering deserts, all you can eat, don’t bring a calorie counter.
    For one meal, not a buffet, go to Nob Hill (Michael Mina) at the MGM and order the Lobster Pot Pie. It’s an amazing dish. (its quite pricey too, around $65-70). You will remember it for a long time.

  11. Heather. Sorry, but I really feel this kind of story is silly for a Santa Rosa “Bite Club” entry. We want something more local. I’m not going to read your column to decide where to go to eat in Vegas. Maybe I would be interested in a review of the food at “River Rock”.

    1. I disagree. I took my husband to Vegas in April (his first time, I have been several times on biz and don’t like it) But the lake resort area east of Henderson sounded good for a quick WARM getaway other than Palm Springs, and it was. Quiet, on the water and no crowds plus a little fake-o italian village. I wish I’d had these leads. LIttle holes in the wall, local finds are great for people who travel. And, with Horizon Air direct, LV must be a destination of Sonoma County folks. Personally the strip doesn’t do anything for me, but knowing some “local” joints would have been helpful We tend to hear repeatedly about our area, so this article was refreshing AND informative. I may go back just to try some of the places! I’d even be interested in hearing about Marin – there used to be some fine little finds there worth travelling to.

  12. Best Mexican food in Vegas (and I’ve tried them all) is in the back of a gas station on the corner of Pyle & Eastern. Sounds “appetizing” I know… but trust me! This is a tiny little family run restaurant that blows away anything you’ll find on the strip. And unlike the filthy roach infested North Las Vegas joints, this place is clean.

  13. Oh and if yer out late and drunk, Roberto’s Taco Shop (several locations) is 24 hours and has fantastic “L.A. style” mexican food. Tortas are $3.50 for godsakes!

  14. Hey Heather! As a former Las Vegas resident I can second the Capriotti’s sandwiches as a sure bet. Also if you feel like traveling off the strip, check out Rocco’s NY Deli for the BEST NY style pizza, baked ziti, stuffed shells, sfogiatelle etc etc….And unlike here, you can GET Italian food for around $10 there as a lunch or take out for dinner. I recommend the white pizza…Another GREAT pizza place that Vegas folks swear by is Metro Pizza. I could go on and on with suggestions lol

  15. Capriotti’s sandwich shop (several locations) and Memphis World Championship BBQ (the owner is the only person to win the Memphis in May World BBQ Championship 3 times)

  16. Lotus of Siam without a doubt– Off the strip in a sketchy strip mall. It is considered by most to be the best Thai resto in the US. (amazing wine list too)
    Late night at Peppermill / Fireside lounge for lounge kitsch

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