Trisha’s Lumpia House

Going Pinoy is the name of the game at Trisha's Lumpia House, Sonoma County's first (as far as anyone we talked to knows) Filipino restaurant. Hidden in Petaluma's G&G Shopping Center, Karen tells us that much of the clientele are curious, um, obviously non-Filipino eaters like us and she's always happy to walk folks through the menu. She locks us onto Pork Adobo, lumpia (think fried spring rolls), pancit noodles (think Pad Thai or chowmein) and Sitaw at Kalabasa (long beans and squash in coconut milk).

Lunch started like a bad Abbot and Costello skit.
“Let’s get halo halo,” my friend said.
“Yeah, uh, hi there.” Sometimes I mumble. Maybe she didn’t hear my earlier salutations.
“No, halo-halo,” she said.
“Hellooooooooo,” I say again, thinking, sheesh Mel, get a hearing aid.
“No, they have halo-halo!”
“Uh, okay.”
“It’s like a milkshake. You’ll like it,” she laughs.

Mmmmm. Milkshake. BiteClub enjoys milkshakes.

On cue, Karen, our bubbly cruise director of Filipino cuisine/waitress
sashays over. She has a giant smile, a wiggly, giggly way about her,
and describes everything on the menu at Trisha’s Lumpia House as “Really Good!” But aside from the fact that halo halo is really good, I’m not really following too much else she’s telling me. She does seem a little dubious about us actually drinking the stuff.
halo!” arrives. Karen stands and watches Meloni and I look at the
milkshake imposter like the cautious Midwestern girls we actually are.“You like?” I’m pretty sure she’s making fun of us.
Hmmm. Okay. Yes, it does look kind of like
a milkshake. Except with a whole lot of ice on top and floaties
swimming around at the foot of the glass. What else can we do but dive
in and pull out the slimy treasure? Yum. Sweet ice cream, crunchy ice,
mangoes, coconut and…crunch…uh, is that a garbanzo bean?
like it?” Karen’s smiling and giggling again as Mel and I pick through
the Filipino milkshake like archaeologists. We pull out and identify
the shaved ice, diced mangos, strings of coconut meat, sweet red beans,
garbanzos, ice cream and sweet gelatinous blobs of kaong (also called sugar palm fruit). Yes, we do like it. Minus the beans. Extra kaong. Karen is happy.
Going Pinoy
is the name of the game at Trisha’s Lumpia House, Sonoma County’s first
(as far as anyone we talked to knows) Filipino restaurant. Hidden in
Petaluma’s G&G Shopping Center, Karen tells us that much of the
clientele are curious, um, obviously non-Filipino eaters like us and
she’s always happy to walk folks through the menu. She locks us onto Pork Adobo, lumpia (think fried spring rolls), pancit noodles (think Pad Thai or chowmein) and Sitaw at Kalabasa (long beans and squash in coconut milk).
doesn’t take long for the newly initiated to figure out who’s
contributed to the mash-up of flavors from these steamy Pacific
Islands: China, Indonesia and Spain–mostly. So, like any good food
adventurer, you’ll want to dive right in. Start off with lumpia, ($3.25) crispy egg rolls similar to those you’d find at any Chinese restaurant, served with sweet chili dipping sauce. Pork adobo ($8.95) is a must-have dish,
marinated in soy sauce, garlic and vinegar. It’s the unofficial
national dish of the Philippines and one of the first things kids learn
to cool (kind of like your five year old making peanut butter and
Keep going with House Pancit,($.7.95) rice
sticks and bean threads (clear, thin noodles) tossed with veggies and
meat with a squeeze of lime. The restaurant also offers tradition
Filipino plates of Bistek (Filipino beef steak), Afritada (a
tomato-based pork and vegetable dish), oxtail in peanut sauce, and
soup-based dishes like Nilaga, Sinigang Baboy and Hipon. Party trays of most dishes, as well as menudo and pork belly are also available. Oh, and yes, there is a Trisha. She just didn’t happen to be there when we visited.
tiny restaurant, with only a few tables and the obviously casual staff
can be a bit intimidating at first, but when Karen’s around, the place
warms up quickly, with everyone chatting between tables. Check out what
your neighbors are eating and ask lots of questions. Just don’t fill
up, because it’s worth saving room for dessert. Karen’s proud of the biko
she frequently makes (she only rarely has kitchen duties), a sweet
sticky rice in coconut syrup, along with flan and, of course, a nice
big glass of halo-halo. With beans or without.
Trisha’s Lumpia House, MOVED TO 443 Dutton Ave., Suite 2,  Santa Rosa, 527-0160. Open Mon-Sat., 11am to 8pm, Sun 11am to 3pm.


7 thoughts on “Trisha’s Lumpia House

  1. Thoughtful and interesting, thank you. I was brought up in manilla but moved to england at such a young age I can hardly remember anything apart from the delicious food. I finally found some authentic Filipino recipes if you want to have a look, I thought I’d share it with you!

  2. Spent many years in the Phils. Will have to try this place. Usually American pinoy eateries suck. What I miss the most is kinilau as it is called in the Visayas or kilowen in the north. Hope you can make that and sinugba as well.

  3. I’m not a fan of this place. One time, they took forever on my order and I’m patient person. This other time, I decided to dine inn, the pancit was served cold. Also, I asked for 1 fountain drink, they insisted I buy two, considering I was with another person. I was freak’in pregnante!! And I had a big water bottle in my hand..clearly I chose not to have soda in my system. The owner didn’t look too friendly either. By the way, how come they never seem to open on time?

  4. Mark (26/03/2008 1:34:41 PM)
    Comment: I miss Filipino food in my old city. Pancet and lumpia are a no brainer for people taking the safe route, but if anyone ever asks you to try balut tell them NO lol. The place I used to go to in Vegas also had a big karaoke night which was fun.
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    Posted By: bo (02/04/2008 4:57:26 PM)
    Comment: Sorry, Mark, I called you Dave.
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    Posted By: David (26/03/2008 3:06:22 PM)
    Comment: Have not tried this place yet, but look forward to it. Like mentioned above dont ever try balut, unless daring. If curious see wikipedia. Anything in way of this in Santa Rosa?
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    Posted By: SL (26/03/2008 6:50:29 PM)
    Comment: Glad you had a good experience. We tried it and were very disappointed. Lumpia not like our Filipino friends used to make (too thick,and too chinese egg roll like) Our chicken was greasy, and then they way over charged our credit card. Nice enough people though.
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    Posted By: Trish (26/03/2008 11:09:30 PM)
    Comment: Dear SL, I am sorry we did not meet your expectations. I just want to say that your comment is pretty harsh. Accusing us in public with something that we did not do or probably some kind of honest mistake. If you can show me a receipt that we over charge you please bring it back and we will give you a full refund. That is not very nice at all. You are shooting our credibility down that probably was an honest mistake. Or, are your intention of posting your comment is to bring our credibility downn because you did not like what you had? Your comment about the Lumpia, we had a batch of Lumpia that was rolled with the wrong wrapper and we were disappointed too when we found out. Our Lumpia had been so popular since we opened, but I guess everyone has it’s own taste buds. We always embraced contructive criticisms. But, accusing our staff of misdemeanor is not acceptable at all!
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    Posted By: sl (27/03/2008 7:22:37 AM)
    Comment: Trish, I am not trying to shoot down your credibilty, just stating our experience. I am not accusing your staff of a “misdemeanor” but it did happen. Mistakes happen. I am happy that Bite Club gave you a good review, and prehaps in the future we will give you another try. Best wishes
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    Posted By: CURIOUS (05/04/2008 4:27:48 PM)
    Reply to Comment
    Posted By: SL (26/03/2008 6:50:30 PM)
    Comment: Glad you had a good experience. We tried it and were very disappointed. Lumpia not like our Filipino friends used to make (too thick,and too chinese egg roll like) Our chicken was greasy, and then they way over charged our credit card. Nice enough people though.
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    Posted By: mjjj (27/03/2008 12:57:44 PM)
    Comment: Tried also and was very disappointed. Lumpia was pretty tasteless. Have had much better at various places.
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    Posted By: Diane (27/03/2008 1:02:45 PM)
    Comment: Please! No petty remarks! Can’t we just stick to the positive parts of the experience? Thank you!
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    Posted By: Wojamo (27/03/2008 1:23:10 PM)
    Comment: Au contraire, Diane. You may be new here, but if someone has negative feedback on a restaurant, they are ENCOURAGED to share that with the rest of us. Otherwise, what would be the point of this blog?
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    Posted By: i agree (27/03/2008 1:25:36 PM)
    Comment: Well said Wojamo
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    Posted By: Michelle (29/03/2008 3:51:30 PM)
    Comment: I completely agree. AND I’d like to add something, I really don’t like it when the restaurant owners post their comments about OUR experiences at their establishment. Why can’t they just take the “review” for what it is, it’s a personal opinion that is being shared with others. Am I way off base here? I think we should be entitled to a blog site that is just for the patrons, and their opinions.
    Show/Hide Replies (1) | Reply to Comment
    Posted By: sl (30/03/2008 4:20:27 PM)
    Comment: Well said Michelle. I felt totally attacked, and probably will never post a review again. I was just sharing my experience……which I have done in the past, both good and bad, but never again!
    Show/Hide Replies (2) | Reply to Comment
    Posted By: Heather Irwin (31/03/2008 9:21:12 AM)
    Comment: Hey guys. This is a forum for EVERYONE to have a say. Restaurant owners have a right to defend their food. And in fact, when they call me (and they do) all upset about what you folks are saying, I encourage them to engage in the forums. Remember that this is their business and sometimes emotions can run high. I encourage all of you to keep the discussion going, but don’t let it get personal. Even when it does. Take it from someone who frequently takes lumps (and kudos) from you guys– 🙂 h
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    Posted By: Michelle (31/03/2008 9:57:19 AM)
    Comment: SL – I too have been under fire by a “certain restaurant owner” for writting my thoughts/critique of his restaurant on this blog. After that happened I was hesitant to continue with this site as well. BUT, that being said I do like to know what has newly opened, or even read about restaurants that I’ve forgotten about. So I come back to this blog time & time again! :o) Heather – When a patron has a bad experience, we all WANT to know. Encourage your restaurant owners to take THEIR lumps, and to not fuel the fire with their responses. We are the ones with the unbaised opinions of their establishments, not them. Besides that sometimes I’ve noticed owners will post their rebuttles just to keep their restaurant “talked about”, that’s the part I hate. Lastly, I almost never go to a restaurant (reviewed here) where the owner has “defended” their restaurant and “attacked” one of the bloggers for their OPINIONS regarding food, service or even just the atmosphere of their business. Integrity is everything.
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    Posted By: i agree (27/03/2008 1:24:44 PM)
    Comment: I agree with Diane, save the petty stuff for telling elsewhere. Although, I like to hear the positive & the negative, constructive critism never hurt anyone.
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    Posted By: Josh (27/03/2008 1:11:11 PM)
    Comment: I try to make it to Trishas Lumpia house once a week for lunch, I happen to love the food here and recommend it to anybody who feels like some good Filipino cuisine! The service is always exellent and friendly(Karen and staff)and the food is consistantly delicious! So if you havent been yet….consider your next lunch/dinner(I believe they have breakfast items on the menu as well)to be at Trishas …I think youll be glad you did!
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    Posted By: Josh (27/03/2008 1:36:18 PM)
    Comment: As far as the reviewers opening (borderline rude) statement goes…your midwestern roots really shine bright there….
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    Posted By: Vince (28/03/2008 11:52:01 AM)
    Comment: Wow, great sense of humor you’ve got there Josh… /rolleyes I definitely agree about posting the honest truth about people’s experiences. If we only say what we thought was good about restaurants it would defeat the purpose. If I owned a restaurant, it might burn a little bit to see my faults exposed, but it would make positive reviews shine all that much brighter.
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    Posted By: JT (05/04/2008 10:22:12 AM)
    Comment: exactly! well said, vince. not everybody makes a dish exactly the same. mary’s pizza tastes different from domino’s. the tagalogs have different style of cooking from cebuanos or ilonggos. we always prefer the style of cooking that we grew up with. trisha’s cooking is not your mom’s or grandma’s cooking. it’s either you like it or you don’t. i’m glad there’s a filipino restaurant in our area. i like the afrtada as well, sometimes, the bihon. i wish trisha good luck and more power.
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    Posted By: Josh (09/04/2008 9:58:29 AM)
    Comment: Wow Vince…./rolls eyes/did you even bother to READ the comments she left? Half of it didnt even pertain to food…
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    Posted By: Kaye (27/03/2008 4:52:11 PM)
    Comment: I’ve tried the place a few times. The lumpia is okay. But the pancit is excellent!
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    Posted By: Nellie (27/03/2008 6:50:28 PM)
    Comment: OMG, You finally acknowledge that there are, in fact,good restaurants outside of Santa Rosa in Petaluma to be more specific and your blog disappears from Petaluma 360. What gives?
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    Posted By: sabrina (27/03/2008 7:29:57 PM)
    Comment: Being filipino I can honestly say that Trisha’s Lumpia House makes me feel like I’m eating my mom’s home cooked meals. Everything from their main dish to desserts to my favroite drink sago is delicious and reminds me of being back home in the P.I. Keep it up ladies!!!
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    Posted By: Julie (27/03/2008 9:57:03 PM)
    Comment: I love their Afritada. Staff members and owner are very nice!
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    Posted By: Mark (28/03/2008 9:43:37 AM)
    Comment: The point of a food review blog is to be able to post both good AND bad( if warranted) opinions. If SL said something about the lumpia, I don’t see that as slighting you. Especially if you’re a new restaurant you need to be spot on EVERY TIME to gain a good following. Don’t let being the “only kind” of your food in the area let you slide! Years ago I tried the “only soul food restaurant in SR” and the fried chicken was still bloody in the middle. A restaurant is only as good as its last service. That being said, I’m still gonna try your establishment!
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    Posted By: Wojamo (28/03/2008 10:14:07 AM)
    Comment: I agree with Mark. And let me also agree that, yes, I do plan on trying this place. My grandma is filipina so I had exposure to the food growing up. But, also agree that I won’t be hitting the balut or the bagoong (sp?) for that matter, either!
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    Posted By: Janis (28/03/2008 4:45:08 PM)
    Comment: Hey Auntie Trisha. 🙂 Long time no see. I guess you’ve been busy. Congrats on the good review. Ma forwarded it to me. Are you relocating, or what are your plans?
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    Posted By: Wojamo (31/03/2008 8:18:36 AM)
    Comment: Um, Janis? Yeah… if you haven’t noticed, this is NOT a message board to get in touch with the restaurant owner(s). Do people not “get” what a food blog is all about? Sheesh!
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    Posted By: Janis (04/04/2008 9:59:45 PM)
    Comment: Dearest Wojamo, Kindly stick your comment up your ass. Free speech applies everywhere, even at a food blog board. Please go die. Oh– and by the way, Boholanos are communist pigs.
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    Posted By: janeass (04/04/2008 10:14:54 PM)
    Comment: Free speech may apply but it does not mean brainless people should try it. Your comment to the previous poster was gross, and very lowlife. I agree with wojambo this is not a personals blog! Back at you!
    Show/Hide Replies (1) | Reply to Comment
    Posted By: Janis (12/04/2008 8:01:35 PM)
    Comment: You know, The beautiful thing is- ‘Brainless’ people (like you) have the freedom to try it, and eventually perfect the art without fear of persecution. So it says in AMERICA–wait, you were probably born in the Philippines so you’re not familiar with this concept. If you think my previous comment was gross, you’re pretty weak. Why don’t you crawl back up the vagina that your mother vomited you out of. Your Feces covered, retarded, decrepit, rotting and infested comment is polluting my screen. Go rape wojamo and make shit babies.
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    Posted By: Loreen (28/03/2008 7:33:11 PM)
    Comment: My friend Dubii and I eat at Trisha’s Lumpia House frequently. We are both honored to experience the genuine Filipino cuisine and the warm hospitality and family atmosphere that Trisha’s Lumpia House evokes. To me, is the best Filipino Restaurant I have ever eaten at for the variety, affordability, and friendliness of the staff. This a hard combination to come by in most restaurant locations and I feel priviledged to have this restaurant near me.
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    Posted By: wanda (28/03/2008 8:25:10 PM)
    Comment: been in trisha’s restaurant. everyting was good – the food, the atmosphere and gracious company.
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    Posted By: Jane (29/03/2008 7:07:25 PM)
    Comment: I am filipina who knows filipino food. Believe me and I have heard from others that this is very disappointing. Don’t make up something and call it as ukoy. Pancit was not completely cooked either. Price is on the high side, perhaps the space rent is high. Maybe will try it again some other time but nothing to excite about. My friends were excited to try but complaint about it. Make it better so we can be proud of you. I am not trying to put you down, I just want to be proud to have a filipino restaurant in town. Hope you make it and wishing you the best
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    Posted By: marilyn donato (30/03/2008 1:20:37 AM)
    Comment: can’t wait to fly from the east of the U.S. (Blue Ridge/Shenandoah)to Petaluma’s Trish more so to visit daughter n family in Santa Rosa. Try your hand at Philippine cuisine
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    Posted By: alma (30/03/2008 11:19:39 AM)
    Comment: I am Filipino and very look forward to stopping in for some Adobo. My daughter and son say mine’s the best; we’ll see what they say! :o) Nice to see you are serving sinigang. How about mochiko or mungo beans? Good luck on your restaurant!!! Salamat!
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    Posted By: bo (02/04/2008 4:55:26 PM)
    Comment: Hey Dave! Have you tried Nanay Gloria’s in Vegas? 7 bucks for all you can eat really home-made tasting variety (up to the ying-yang) Filipino dishes. She has 2 locations (sorry don’t know directions. Always being driven there). I make it a point to take family and friends when visiting Vegas. The price is more than right, and I am a picky-eater pinoy.
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    Posted By: Ninja (04/04/2008 10:08:48 PM)
    Comment: hi bo! have you tried selecta in vallejo for $5.99 all you can eat? their food is pretty good…(that’s an understatement )next to the new grocery store on springs road.
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    Posted By: bongga (10/04/2008 9:01:11 PM)
    Comment: 4 authentic,not pricey pinoy dishes, I always go to “pinoypinay” by springstown worth the drive+gas,$6 combo incl.2 entrees+rice &sarap.Trish is not d only fil.resto in Sonoma Co.In Cotati,La Parilla (turoturo style). At Trish,had house pancit w/ lumpia. Tasty but greasy &salty (easy on the salt/soy/orpatis?), don’t think wrapper is the prob.g&g next door sells good menlo wrappers, must be d limited veg filling so you bite on the thick friedwrapper, tasteless!authentic veg.lumpia has plenty sauteed veggies w/ vinegar,garlic dipping. sweetsour dip is for shanghai. If you name a resto w/lumpia, that lumpia must b d exceptional part of menu. Maybe get more training from the pros.I love the waitress tho she’s a kick. Keep it up make us proud pinay.
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    Posted By: jane (12/04/2008 2:17:24 PM)
    Comment: address for La Parilla in Cotati, please.
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    Posted By: Fran (12/04/2008 8:05:29 PM)
    Comment: That place sucks.
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    Posted By: Virgi (12/04/2008 11:17:34 PM)
    Comment: That place has changed alot and it’s been great so far.
    Show/Hide Replies (1) | Reply to Comment
    Posted By: Virgie (12/04/2008 11:22:35 PM)
    Comment: See what chowhound has to say about that place.
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    Posted By: bongga (13/04/2008 2:34:55 PM)
    Comment: i don’t endorse la parilla ( here’s the add: 8492 gravenstein hsy cotati#795-1935) that serves both mex and pinoy dishes (mostly “killing me softly” menu). id rather go to mai viet resto next door. anyway enuf said, i’m going to gerry’s grill in the south bay and check it out.i will blog my experiences at gerry’s (google them for more details). til next time. oh btw for $5.99 max resto in vjo has early bird all ucn eat bfast, tocino, longanisa, daing bangus, eggs, sinangag, etc. makahirit k p ng kanin ng walang extra haha.
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    Posted By: Vw (14/04/2008 7:23:34 AM)
    Comment: We went by on Sunday, so I guess you needed to mention that the are closed on Sundays. We will try it again on another day.
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    Posted By: sosyal (15/04/2008 9:38:22 PM)
    Comment: make ur own lumpiang gulay like my lola,a true real pinaykusinera not so secret recipe: garlic,onion,celery,ground lean pork&shrimp,shredded>carrots,grn beans, cabbage,chayote,yam or swt potato,jicama,grn onion,beansprout,salt,pepper to taste,menlobrandlumpiawrapper.Saute 1st 4 then the rest vegs. til done al dente vegs,drain liquid in colander,wrap titely NOT loose (or oil seeps in yal have a greasy lumpia) seal w/ cornstarch paste (cook 1 tsp starch w/1/2 c h2O til paste forms),deep fry in hot oil.toserve: dip in garlic vinegar w/ sili if desired. SARAP! TOP SECRET DON’T SHARE haha
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    Posted By: bakya crowd (22/04/2008 9:52:34 PM)
    Comment: hear ye hear ye!i went to “the banquet” in vjo last sun. for all u cn eat buffet brundh and was not disappointed. they serve also lunch dinner buffet. weekend rate for adult is $9.50 per person (cheaper weekdays),1/2 for kids age3-8. had the usual bfast fare, lunch menu has total of abt. 12 entrees, make ur own halo halo bar dessert! 3505 sonoma blvd ste 40 vjo ca 642-1039 or 554-4909 behind max rest. the place is clean, spacious and elegant ambiance. try it!
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    Posted By: Doriantake (23/04/2008 9:40:33 AM)
    Comment: Just ate at Trisha’s last night -I got take out and it was very tasty: halo-halo, lumpia and pork afritada.I’m not very familiar with filipino food, but I enjoyed every bite and so did my very picky husband. We’ll be back.
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    Posted By: bariotek (24/04/2008 10:14:19 PM)
    Comment: for non-fil.wanting to try real fil.cuisine,1st try driving to vjo. goldilocks 3885 sonoma bl #557-9977, andrea 1109 maple av #644-0518, pnoy pnay 2110 springs rd #645-0883;the banquet, max rest.,chow king near seafood city supermarket 3495 sonoma bl 654-1958 to name a few. you’ll see the difference.
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    Posted By: kulas (24/04/2008 10:37:06 PM)
    Comment: ordered bicol express,a hot spicy dish! the rice portion is kapiranggot(not generous),dont care for the gourmet mound presentation.are we affected with the rice shortage in the u.s.?i thought only in pinas.spicy foods s/b served w/ lots of rice to mask the spiciness. la parilla gives free extra rice as complimentary/ consuelo to patrons.pls.use gabi/taro leaves 4 “laing” using spinach leaves is not authentic dont skimp for quality.i’m not bicolano but i know real bicol food.
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    Posted By: bariotek (24/04/2008 10:39:26 PM)
    Comment: oops. forgot to mention “dj bibingkahan” inside seafood city shopping complex.
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    Posted By: Mere (18/06/2008 10:05:16 PM)
    Comment: Ive been hearing a lot about this place, so I thought I’d go and try it out. I had palabok, which is not so bad. For the price it was a pretty good plate, I mean it’s like a 2 person plate which I thought was worth it. Taste, I also thought it was not bad, maybe having some type of dinner roll on the side would be a good idea. After eating palabok I had the halo-halo… unfortunately I was highly disappointed. Ive been craving halo halo for a while and I was somewhat sad that it wasn’t that great, but it can definitely improve. Adding a little more milk would be nice, and also adding more of the fillings is really needed. There was too much ice and not enough fillings. I felt like I paid just to munch on ice. If they can improve the serving size of the fillings, add more milk, possibly a little sugar, it would taste lovely and worth it.
    Show/Hide Replies (1) | Reply to Comment
    Posted By: sosyal (17/07/2008 4:55:58 PM)
    Comment: I love the chow king halo halo special in vallejo. For $4.99 you’ll get this gigantic milky not icy mix. Now I’m hungry
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    Posted By: DineSwine (12/07/2008 12:21:26 AM)
    Comment: Mediocre food that could be prepared easily at home with some internet recipes should not be what you serve at the restuarant… you should try to make crispy pata, the oxtail/tripe/eggplant stew with the peanut curry sauce, the fried beef with jalepeno/onions, the eggplant/pork frittata. The owners should try Kuya’s in San Bruno and Sinugba in Daly City where the competition is fierce to keep customers coming back
    Show/Hide Replies (1) | Reply to Comment
    Posted By: sosyal (17/07/2008 4:53:14 PM)
    Comment: thank you for the kuyas and sinugba info. I will definitely try that place.
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    Posted By: Diana loves good foods! (18/07/2008 11:10:34 AM)
    Comment: We have eaten at Trisha’s in Santa Rosa several times since it’s opened. The staff are so friendly, and they just make you feel like your eating at a friend’s house. And the food—AWESOME!!! I highly recommend the adobo!
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    Posted By: Chucksars (24/07/2008 10:57:19 AM)
    Comment: I have been wanting to go to this place for a while, but have not yet had the chance. I do hear however that they have changed location. New address is 443 Dutton Ave., #2. Right on the corner of Dutton and Sebastopol.
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    Posted By: Jeannie (21/08/2008 9:08:46 AM)
    Comment: we had the sunday buffet last week and it was awful, cold, left overs, nothing fresh – could hardly eat it and could not wait to get home and brush my teeth.

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