Tiny Home in Windsor Listed for $85,000. Take a Look Inside

The one-bed, one-bath, 192 square-foot home previously housed a family of four.

The tiny home movement is one response to soaring real estate and energy prices. Living “tiny” (in a dwelling that is less than 400 square feet) is not for the faint of heart in today’s stuff-happy world, but it can encourage a lifestyle change that includes less consumption and greater simplicity.

If you’d like to give tiny living a try, a one-bed, one-bath, 192 square-foot home in Windsor is currently on the market for $85,000. The small dwelling was previously the home of a family of four; a chef, his wife and their two children.

A loft with windows on either side offers increased ventilation and a sense of openness. There’s room for a sizable mattress, although the space must be accessed via a ladder.

The kitchen has a large fridge, a decent amount of prep area and a hot plate. A washer/dryer hybrid fits into the adjacent utility closet which has a spot above for folding and hanging clothes. There are solid-wood shelves and cabinets throughout the house.

The entry space on one side of the kitchen has a built-in L-shaped bench. The living room on the other side of the kitchen has room for a small pull-out couch.

An A-frame roof and multiple windows let in lots of light in. In fact, light is this home’s secret weapon against its small size. All four sides of the home have windows; there’s even a window in the front door. Views of trees at the all-age mobile park, where the home is currently parked, enhance the feeling of openness.

Interior cedar-wood paneling creates a rustic and homey vibe and gives them home a pleasant scent, points out realtor Marisa Rosas. She adds that plants would contrast nicely with the paneled walls, which don’t require painting (another bonus).

The small lot in this mobile home park allows for barbecuing — the previous owner cooked plenty of smoked meals. There are raised beds for herbs, vegetables and other plants. These amenities shouldn’t discourage taking this tiny home on the road. A wood skirting on the structure conceals the fact that this home is in fact on wheels and can be taken to a new destination.

Click through the above gallery to see photos of this tiny home.

This tiny home at 129 Katherine Place is listed by Marisa Rosas with W Real Estate, 9420 Old Redwood Highway, Suite 114, Windsor. For more information, please call 707-636-3800.