The Sprinkle Explosion Cake is Breaking the Internet

This cake is guaranteed to make your day better. And zero calories for looking.

Rachel Ray, Seth Meyers, and just about everyone else in NYC is freaking out about the Sprinkle Explosion Cake from Flour Shop bakery in New York City. It’s everything the little kid inside each of us love — rainbows, candy, sprinkles, cake, frosting and a big fat mess. 

The idea, says owner Amirah Kassem, harkens back to her childhood in Mexico when a birthday just wasn’t complete without a pinata. This cake is her ode to a pinata full of candy exploding out of, well, a rainbow colored cake instead of a paper mache donkey.

We couldn’t help but love it too. Let it sparkle up your day a little.

Have a favorite cake from Sonoma County? Let me know in the comments below.