There’s a New Girl Scout Cookie Flavor and It’s Coming to Sonoma County

Cookie sales start on January 25.

Lemon-Ups, a lemon-flavored cookie sporting motivational messages like “I’m a go-getter” or “I am a leader,” are the newest entrant into the Girl Scout cookie program.

The good news for us: Sonoma County will likely be getting them, while the East Coast and other states won’t. The bad news: We haven’t been getting the good “S’mores” cookies covered with chocolate, while Maine has.

The not-so-secret-secret of those adorable Brownies and green-clad girls: There are two different bakeries that make Girl Scout cookies, and not all cookies are alike!

Most of the West is served by Little Brownie Bakers (though California, Nevada New Mexico and parts of Texas are split), so you’ll know that those little peanut butter chocolate cookies are Tagalongs, not Peanut Butter Patties. You’ll know the caramel coconut Samoas vs. their lookalike Caramel deLites made by ABC Bakers, which serves much of the Midwest and East Coast. Don’t get us started on calling Do-si-dos a Peanut Butter Sandwich, as most Georgians and West Virginians know them.

Our suggestion: Maybe it’s time to bring together this great nation rather than dividing us along dessert lines. Let’s start with the chocolate-covered S’mores for everyone and Lemon-Ups for everyone.

Cookie sales start Jan. 25, so watch for booths to start popping up or your neighbor’s daughter to come knocking. Online at