The Most Sought-After Restaurant Seats in Santa Rosa, According to Yelp

Every week, Yelp releases a list of the most popular places to eat in Santa Rosa. Here's this week's selection.

With so many delicious places to eat, you might think that getting a restaurant reservation in Santa Rosa would be a breeze. But while that may be true in some cases (at least on weekdays), some of the city’s restaurant seats are highly coveted.

Every week, Yelp puts together a list that reveals those popular places. The list, called “Santa Rosa’s Sought-After Seats,” uses data collected from Yelp reservations to identify some of Santa Rosa’s most-reserved restaurants.

Click through the gallery above to see the restaurants in Santa Rosa that receive the most reservations, according to Yelp. The restaurants are listed in no particular order.

Yelp’s list, which updates weekly, can be found at