Teriyaki Restaurant

Laotian specialties at Teriyaki Restaurant

I’ve been sitting on this little jem way too long: TERIYAKI Restaurant off Stony Point Road.
The Laotian, Thai, Korean and Japanese-inspired menu is a bit dizzying to read, featuring everything from Pho and Mongolian Beef to peanut chicken and Yaktori. But the hand-lettered signs, kids working behind the counter and take-out line most nights belies the fact that there’s some tasty cooking happening here.
My favorite, however, are take-home packs of fried beef and pork jerky. Covered with a sweet oyster sauce, these leathery strips of goodness are addictive as heck, and only $5 for enough to last you a week.
The restaurant also serves several Laotian specialties including sticky rice and homemade chicken noodle soup with cooked pork blood available on request. Er. Yeah.
Let’s keep this one a secret, shall we?
Teriyaki Restaurant, 473 Stony Point Road, Santa Rosa, 707.578.0416. Open M-F from 10am to 8pm, Saturday 11am to 7pm. Closed Sunday.

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5 thoughts on “Teriyaki Restaurant

  1. Terriyaki is a delicious and very well priced restaurant. It is family owned so it makes it that much better. Their cajun chicken and thai tea are to die for, as well as alot of their other dishes. I would recommend Terriyaki to anyone!

  2. Oh man, that’s awful. Sorry to hear you had such a bad time — though the football thing is kind of funny. Actually, I did have a slightly scary moment when they offered me a spring roll with shrimp that looked like it had been sitting out on the counter all day. I asked for a fresh one from the fridge.
    Win some, lose some. I though the peanut chicken was pretty good. Did you try the fried beef jerky though? Dude, that makes it worth the trip alone. BTW: You can also get the jerky at Phnom-Pehn Oriental Grocery, 923 Petaluma Hill Rd, Santa Rosa — along with frozen beetles.

  3. I’m sorry, but I am going to have to disagree. This place is not a gem in my two visits here.
    The first time we stopped by about an hour prior to their closing. We approached their register when we were asked “what do you want to order?” by the young teenage guy(who I found out is the son). No hello, no how are you, no smile, just a rude intro. We decided on the Chicken terryaki plate with vegetables, which we were promptly told “we are out of chicken.” Huh? A chicken terriyaki place out of Chicken!!? There is a Foodmax (or is it Olivers?) in the same complex , couldn’t they have easily purchased some more chicken for the dinner rush. I thought this was extremely odd, and so we left….
    Move to 2 months later, and my fiance is really craving teriyaki so we give it another go. Walk in, same teenage kid, we say hello and we get no response (not even a smile or a Nod). I take it this family place puts no effort in Customer service at all. We order the Chicken plate with veggies, and take a seat. We hear him go in the back and argue with who I believe is his teenage sister about who is going to cook our order, because he needs to get ready for a “football game.” We wait about 10 minutes and the young girl brings out the very plain chicken with THICK glutenous teriyaki sauce, on a good amount of chicken but with some pre-frozen broccoli. Disappointed to say the least, not only in the terrible service but also the food. Honestly, it seemed as if the kids were running the show and did not give a damn at how there service was or how they represented the family business. All the while their Mother was siting with her back facing us by the soda machine while she prepared some food in the dining room. She seemed to have no problem with the stand-offish attitude being displayed to the customers. I told my fiance it seemed as if we were troubling them by coming in for dinner. It was a shocking experience and we will never go back. There are many other good places to enjoy teriyaki in Santa Rosa without feeling like you are bugging them.

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