Ten Delicious Reasons to Hit This Weekend’s VegFest

Gelato, cheese, chocolate, cookies and other goodies go vegan. See what's up at VegFest

Vegan Gelato from Vixen Kitchen. Photo from vixenkitchen.com

Vegan Gelato from Vixen Kitchen. Photo from vixenkitchen.com
Vegan Gelato from Vixen Kitchen. Photo from vixenkitchen.com

Whether you’re an omnivore, flexitarian, Paleo, vegetarian, plant-powered, vegan, some combination, or just someone who’s curious about health-conscious and sustainable food, here are Ten Reasons to go to the VegFest this Saturday, August 15, 2015 from 10am to 5pm at the Finley Community Center (2060 W. College Ave., Santa Rosa).

1. Vegan Gelato: Gelato is pretty awesome no matter how you cut it, but Vixen Kitchen’s cashew-based treats come in flavors like Chai, Mint, Mocha and Pumpkin Pie (and it’s made in Northern California)

2. Eat Vegan Cheese without flinching: Vegan Cheese? Oxymoron, right? So, okay, it’s actually “cultured nut product”,  but vegan chef Miyoko Schinner’s French Winter Truffle, Mt. Vesuvius Black Ash and eight other flavors pay homage to traditional cheeses of the world. Miyoko’s Kitchen Creamery Products and are made in nearby Fairfax.

3. CHOCOLATE: Caramel and peanut butter topped with whole peanuts and coated in creamy melk chocolate. Sjaak’s Chocolate, based in Petaluma, makes vegan chocolate bars and truffles using organic plant-based milks (rice, almond, etc.) for a choco-fix without (as much) guilt.

Seed on the Go's Chia Parfait
Seed on the Go’s Chia Parfait

4. Meet Jessica Chastain’s Mom: Okay, that’s not the only reason to hit the Seed on the Go Vegan Food Truck, although Jerri Hastey is, in fact, Chastain’s mom. Go for the Chia Seed Parfait, guaranteed to make you movie star beautiful. Or at least really happy.

5. Luxe vegan: Chef Matteo Silverman takes plant-based eating upscale with Chalk Hill Cookery

6. No Your Momma’s Finger Sandwiches: Muir’s Tea Room in Sebastopol is a pinkies-up teahouse with vegan and vegetarian sandwiches, salads and baked goods. And I mean, as long as there’s clotted cream, who needs meat?

7. Sneak a Peek at SF’s Newest Plant-Powered Restaurant: There’s already tons of buzz about Citizen Fox, an upcoming Mission restaurant focused on meatless eating. Get a peek at what they’ll be serving at the restaurant/brewery even before all the hipsters (and hour long lines!)

Black Ash Vegan Cheese from Miyokos Kitchen
Black Ash Vegan Cheese from Miyokos Kitchen

8. As seen on Shark Tank: Chia Seed nacho Cheese from Heidi Ho. Because no one actually knows what’s in that fluorescent stuff at the baseball games.

9. Use a pressure cooker without fear: Veggie Queen Jill Nussinow shows how to make one pot beans and rice with summer veggies from 1-1:45p.m.

10. Taste test vegan food of the future: Healing Meals, a new vegan food manufacturer, is looking for your input on their new products, 2:35-2:50p.m.

Details: $5 per person at the door, kids 13 and under free. More online at socovegfest.org