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Sushiko, Sushi in Rohnert Park

Sushi in Rohnert Park? Try Sushiko

With one of Northern California’s top sushi spots just a mile away from this Rohnert Park sleeper, Sushiko has a lot to live up to. But this simple little sushi bar tucked quietly inside a floundering strip mall is getting lots of thumbs up from BiteClubbers who say it’s tops for everyday sushi cravings.

Hawaiian roll, Alaska roll
Hawaiian roll, Alaska roll

Having shrugged off the failure of two previous lackluster tenants, the space has been transformed into a sleek Asian oasis. The itamae has some of the most impressive knife and rice-making skills on the 101-corridor, and is churning out both straightforward nigiri and sashimi, along with Americanized rolls (Sex on the beach, tuna gone wild, Titanic) that look as good as they taste.
Dancing Eel roll with shrimp tempura, avocado and fried eel
Dancing Eel roll with shrimp tempura, avocado and fried eel

Along with sushi, expect to find luncheon bentos ($9.95 and up with great mix-n-match options) and all the usual suspects (teriyaki, donburi, katsu, yaktiori, tempura) at mid-range prices. Not quite Hana, but a top contender for our Tuesday night sushi yen.
6285 Commerce Blvd., #302 (next to Del Secco’s gelato), Rohnert Park, 585-2774. Open daily for lunch and dinner.

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