Santa Rosa’s Sprenger’s Taproom Closing

Popular spot for brews is throwing in the towel.

Popular Santa Rosa downtown taproom Sprenger’s is closing in June, according to owner Kevin Sprenger. When the Brickyard spot opened in 2012 with 40 taps, Sprenger claimed to have more beers on tap than any other bar north of San Francisco. With the ballooning of downtown taprooms and breweries (there are now six just in downtown and more than 35 in Santa Rosa), along with ongoing problems with vandalism and downtown parking costs, Sprenger says he’s throwing in the towel.

“It’s been a slow fall for the last 2.5 years,” said Sprenger. “Businesses in downtown Santa Rosa are being impacted,” he added, saying that customers aren’t willing to pay for metered parking. Sprenger also said he was frustrated by security footage of what he believes to be transients in the downtown area vandalizing his taproom. The culprits have broken outdoor television sets and windows at the taproom and frequently urinate and defecate on his patio.

“My family has lived in Santa Rosa for nearly 50 years. I’ve lost everything,” he said.


23 thoughts on “Santa Rosa’s Sprenger’s Taproom Closing

  1. Parking!!!! Another reason to get rid of the parking meters!!!! That 2 Tred place be gone within a year too….

  2. It has turned into a dangerous part of downtown and my hope is that you move quickly to a new location with parking and a neighborhood that embraces old school Santa Rosa as well as our new hip generation. Best of luck.

    1. Don’t blame the HOMELESS so much – a lot of teenage punks circulate around that area (I’ve seen them, and yes, I don’t care for it either).

      Santa ROSA IS FOR THE RICH NOW. Besides, there are already too-many beer joints, and that tends to lead to FIGHTS AND TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS.

      So, no big loss here. We’ll just get another sushi place – which we “desperately” need, right ?


    2. “Hey did you hear that Santa Rosa is building housing for the homeless? Lets go there.” – Said Homeless Steve from Cleveland

  3. The city of santa rosa is pathetic. help the businesses with all this garbage and homelessness. kevin hope you find your new adventure. thanks for the good times bro.

  4. Maybe the City “leaders” think that the way to job security, sucking up tax dollars as their “career,” is to cater to the homeless, the derelicts, the druggies. Lotsa luck.

  5. I’m sorry, Kevin, that sucks. You are a good person and I’m sorry it’s going down like this. Best of luck to you in your next chapter.

  6. Darn Darn Darn!!!!! I live three blocks from this exceptional taproom. Always new beers to try out. An easy walk home – what is not to like? The food has always been consistently good, with beer pairing suggestions. Seeing Kevin celebrate on top of the bar at the end of a Giants or Warriors big win was a treat. Sadly, we have some serious issues downtown that our city council is incapable of addressing. Parking is always the bugaboo of any business owner. I owned a pastry shop downtown Petaluma – oldest bakery in Northern California, situated on main street. People wouldn’t use the garage for downtown shopping, as it wasn’t convenient to walk two blocks. Parking on the street? nearly impossible, with the promise of losing a rear view mirror due to the freeway attitude of Petaluma Blvd. N. at that time. Vandalism, theft – like taking a punch to the gut every day as a business owner. Kevin – I hope your next enterprise is as uplifting as your taproom has been for me and my wife. Yes – you will have our patronage in the next couple of months. Yes – Sprengers Tap room is going to be missed. When even the addition of a world class museum can’t attract customers ……. A valiant offering, sir. Thanks.

  7. I’m sorry to hear this! I only recently FOUND Sprenglers,, while looking for a place to watch Warriors play Cleveland on Christmas day, while everyone else was CLOSED! I was pleased to see the comraderie and good looking dishes coming from the kitchen and was looking forward to going back.

  8. I’m not a fan of this place after I heard the owner talking bad about cannabis. He never got another penny from me after I heard that.

    1. You’re a moron. Going off of “what you heard.” Why not find out for yourself before being so quick to cast judgement. Kevin is a great guy. He donated so much to the fire victims.

  9. Throwing frozen potatoes into the fryer right in front of patrons’ eyes never seemed like a good idea; neither was the giant huffing fan that the fryer comes with.

  10. Sadly other business also feel the impact of the bums that the city leaders allow to flourish in the city. One by one businesses take the impact.

  11. Hundreds of businesses in downtown are still thriving with the same parking costs. The truth is you just had a bad location. You could have just moved to the core of downtown.

    1. What a crappy thing to say dude! You have no idea what it takes own a business in downtown or the cost it entails. Kevin would have had to spend tens of thousands in permits alone to move 1 block. Complete A-Hole you are.

    1. He’s a good dude. Sad to hear, he always won my business. I remember that Warriors championship and he sprayed sparkling wine everywhere.

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