Sonoma Style: Home Design Stores to Check Out

These home design stores blend influences from all over the world - from Scandinavia to France - to bring you that sought after Sonoma style.

What’s Sonoma style? According to the internet, many products made and sold nowhere near Sonoma County bear the Sonoma name. It’s a vibe that’s obviously sought after and likely simplified, but the style preferences of the actual place are harder to define. Words like “rustic” and “wine country” come up a lot when you search for Sonoma style. And while few now commit to “country,” “Tuscan” (too layered, too 2000’s) or “farmhouse” (too obvious?) when styling their homes, the relaxed prettiness of Sonoma style remains through the clean lines of modern pieces. As a summary of the local aesthetic, we’ve picked out a few home design stores to check out. Click through the slideshow above to see what’s gorgeous these days.