Sonoma County Fair Food Drive-Thru This Weekend

A pandemic won't keep you from your corndogs. No way.

Turn that corndog-lovin’ frown upside down, because your favorite Sonoma County Fair food will be ready for pickup Aug. 7 through 9 and 14 through 16 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Though the 2020 Sonoma County Fair has been canceled, some of the event’s favorite food vendors will be firing up the fryers, batter-coating the dogs and getting the grills sizzling for a drive-through feast with many of your favorite guilty summer pleasures.

Heaven knows we could all use some flossy cotton candy, churros, tart lemonade and funnel cakes piled high with strawberry sauce and whipped cream. Also on the menu — corndogs, giant turkey legs, candy apples, kettle corn, and a few surprises, according to organizers.

Want the deets? Here’s what you’ll need to do…

To order food, customers will drive through Gate #2 off of Bennett Valley Road and be directed through the Fairgrounds! Once you get to the food booth area you will be greeted by an employee who will take your order and collect payment. To ensure the safety of guests and staff, customers will be asked to remain in their vehicles and wear a mask when interacting with staff; the process will be much like a restaurant drive-through experience.

We say, to keep things moving for everyone, cash is king, plan ahead (the menu will be posted on the Fairgrounds’ Instagram and Facebook pages, and please be polite to staff, as this is their first effort at bringing you a little glimmer of happiness during this bummer of a summer.


5 thoughts on “Sonoma County Fair Food Drive-Thru This Weekend

  1. Wait, I am SO confused! We’ve been told since the initial lock-down not to use cash. Stores have signs posted to that effect. And now it is OK to use cash? Just one more reason not to believe or trust anything the Government tells us.

  2. Really? With all of the struggling restaurants and cafes trying to do take-out until they can re-open, why is the county or state competing with these businesses?

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