Sonoma and Marin Trails With Waterfall Endings

The best thing about winter? Waterfalls. Here's where to find them in Sonoma and Marin counties.

With California’s propensity for hot and dry weather, it’s no wonder Californians have a natural affinity for water.

In the North Bay, locals flock to rivers, lakes and the coast whenever the weather is halfway decent. During the winter months, when it’s too cold to take a dip, they seek out the region’s waterfalls — some of them well known and easily accessible, others secret and a little more remote.

No matter your waterfall destination, one thing is clear: the North Bay, with its streams and mountainous terrain, is perfectly situated for spectacular shows of cascading water. In Sonoma and Marin counties, you’ll find a wealth of parks and preserves that house these natural wonders — and there are trails for all skill levels to get you there.

Scroll through the above gallery to find out where to go and which trails to hike for waterfall endings that will leave you speechless.

3/6/2005: 78: Carson Falls: Three waterfalls can be found within 8 miles of Fairfax -- Cascade, Cataract and this rocky flow. Catch the trailhead at the 3.8-mile marker along the Bolinas-Fairfax Road. Huff your way up 350 feet, then descend another 450 feet for a rewarding view of the falls as they drop 150 feet over four tiers. jimc
Carson Falls in Mount Tamalpais Watershed. (John Burgess)
Dawn Falls in Baltimore Canyon Open Space Preserve. (Courtesy of  (Courtesy of Dawna Mirante / @smilinginsonoma)