Sneak Preview of Shimo

New Healdsburg steakhouse is about to open

Chef Douglas Keane is a busy guy. Between feeding the homeless (See below), feeding the well-heeled and feeding the rumor mill, he’s been finalizing the menu, staffing and interior of his about-to-be-launched steakhouse, Shimo in Healdsburg.
The upscale steakhouse is opening, hell or high water, on December 3, 2010 according to Keane.
So here’s your sneak preview…
The Menu: Keane’s keeping the official menu under wraps, but he and Chef de Cuisine Kolin Vazzoler are working on…
– Big cuts of dry-aged Allen Brother’s steaks from Chicago, plus local tri-tip and Prime Rib. Keane is planning to have lots of cuts for two, three and four to share — a way he prefers to cook and serve meat…one the bone. “It gets a better sear and a better flavor that way.” He’s also planning a Sunday prime rib supper from 3 to 8pm weekly.

Shrimp cocktail from Shimo
Shrimp cocktail from Shimo

Tasty steakhouse sides may include a “Twice Baked Potato”, potato gnocchi with sour cream and bacon sauce; “Shrimp Cocktail” which reinvents this classic with a horseradish pudding and tomato syrup; a Little Gem “wedge” with buttermilk ginger dressing and pastrami-brined shallots; Cheddar fontina biscuits; Korean BBQ tri-tip; , Deviled Eggs (!), dashi with dumplings and a variety of Asian-influenced veggies.
– Dessert will be simple: Sticky Buns for Two, table side “cheesecake” squirted onto the plate from a whip cream charger.
– The restaurant will have a full bar, but Keane’s hot on his tableside tea service featuring whisked matcha from Japan.

Bay Laurel Tables
Bay Laurel Tables

The Vibe: Shimo is a Japanese word referring to “frost” and use it to describe the white marbling in beef, especially the highly prized Wagyu whose fat has an almost snow-like appearance. The interior will be simple, with muted colors and lots of wood. Keane and his partners have hired O’Donoghue Custom Woodworks to craft reclaimed Bay Laurel tables. The table settings will include Japanese steak knives specially made for Shimo.
The Price: Expect to pay about $150 or so for two people, with steaks running about $35 to $40 per portion.
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* Keane’s Thanksgiving: Chef Keane shutters both Cyrus and HBG each year for Thanksgiving and Christmas so staff can celebrate with their families; he and his team are taking their Thanksgiving goodwill one step further again this year.  Chef Keane with his cooks, wife Lael, family members and friends will be preparing and serving a full festive feast for an estimated 65 residents of Santa Rosa Family Support Center, a local charitable organization that offers support and services for homeless families in need.  The menu includes: hot chocolate and hot-mulled cider, butternut squash soup, chopped salad, roast turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry relish, green beans, mashed potatoes, freshly-baked cheddar biscuits, pumpkin pies and chocolate chip cookies, all prepared in the kitchens of Cyrus, HBG and the team’s upcoming new restaurant, Shimo. In addition, Keane hopes to present Target gift cards to each of the attending families.