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Seriously Scary: Halloween Candy Horrors

Eggs filled with green goo, marshmallow fingers and Brunch flavored candy! Eeeeeek!

Biteclub’s been wandering the grocery store aisles for a couple weeks now, looking for this year’s oddest Halloween candy. The winner so far: Brach’s Brunch Favorites candy corn.

Brach's Brunch Flavor candy corn for Halloween 2016
Brach’s Brunch Flavor candy corn for Halloween 2016

It’s a match made in candy heaven, because everyone loves brunch, and no one really likes the waxy little bullets of flavorless “corn”, right? Well, kinda. We tested three kinds of Brach’s new candy corn flavors, and let’s just say the brunch flavors of strawberry waffles, chocolate chip pancakes and french toast and maple syrup are the least offensive. They do taste like breakfast, but in a weird Willy Wonka everlasting gobstopper way.

Brach's Peanut Butter Cup Flavor candy corn for Halloween 2016
Brach’s Peanut Butter Cup Flavor candy corn for Halloween 2016

The Peanut Butter Cup flavor, however, was so revolting, we had to warn people away from the bag. Most of them didn’t heed the warning, but unanimously regretted the decision. It’s kind of like eating sweet dirt, with an aftertaste that will stay with you for hours.

Brach's Sea Salt and Chocolate Flavor candy corn for Halloween 2016
Brach’s Sea Salt and Chocolate Flavor candy corn for Halloween 2016

Sea Salt Chocolate were less offensive, but still pretty nasty. Sort of like eating a really, really, really old, dried out piece of chocolate. You’ve been warned. (By the way, the brunch flavor is only available at Target.)

Cadbury Screme Egg for Halloween 2016
Cadbury Screme Egg for Halloween 2016

Cadbury has a Halloween creme egg filled with green goo they’re calling the “Screme Egg”. Same flavor as the Easter one, more disgusting. Fellow Easter candy-maker Peeps has introduced marshmallow monsters and ghosts for the holidays as well.


Booterscotch M and M's
Booterscotch M and M’s

M&M’s have introduced Boo-tterscotch flavored candies, and Oreo continues to come out with weird flavors, including “Halloween” (which is simply orange-colored creme) to Blueberry Pie and Swedish Fish.

Let me know if you find some more great fall candy flavors in the comments below.

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One thought on “Seriously Scary: Halloween Candy Horrors

  1. They also have other M&M flavors at Target–Candy Corn flavored M&M’s (in white chocolate) were not too bad tho VERY sweet, tasted just like corn syrup according to my cellar crew. We all agreed that M&M’s in the Boo-terscotch flavor are too icky buttery, almost rancid, and not real chocolate (it’s white choc). I preferred the S’Mores M&M’s flavor–they crunch (like the graham cracker part) and have chocolate and marshmallow flavors inside. Also a nice Hershey’s kiss flavored like pumpkin pie spices in white chocolate. Interesting but a bit too strong. The opened bag fills the room with the spice scent even when no candies are unwrapped!

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