Secret New Coppola Restaurant: Where is it?

Francis Ford Coppola is opening a new restaurant in the Bay Area. Thing is, no one knows where.

It’s not surprising a film director like Francis Ford Coppola loves a little drama. Today, the owner of Coppola Winery announced that he’ll be opening a third restaurant somewhere in the Bay Area this fall. The kicker: He won’t say exactly where.

Known for pushing the boundaries, Coppola envisions his new culinary outpost to be like none other in Northern California. Details are coming soon but, for now, only those sworn to secrecy have insight into the intriguing, distinctive, delicious, hearty and inviting new dining experience,” said reps.

Coppola’s Rustic restaurant at the Geyserville winery is a favorite of travelers and a destination for many locals, especially for their theatrical “A Tavola” dinners that feature actor/servers playing an Italian family while serving guests. Trust us, it’s a scream. Coppola also has a restaurant in San Francisco called Cafe Zoetrope.

image002So here’s what we do know…

– The date of opening is Nov. 4

– The “surrounding community” will be the first to experience the destination with free food and beverages.

– The logo is a “W” with an arrow

– The “hint” is to try pronouncing “Werowocomoco”

– The location is “Bay Area”, but we’re crossing our fingers that maybe that means Sonoma County.

Where do you think the restaurant will be located?

Shout out your ideas, with as many specifics as you can (ie: Downtown Geyserville, Bennett Valley, Fairfax, etc.) and we’ll see who gets it right.


16 thoughts on “Secret New Coppola Restaurant: Where is it?

  1. Definitely Virginia Dare. Not a very well kept secret. We visited during construction and chef was doing tastings with wine tasting staff and we tasted too. This place is great, the wine is great so I suspect the restaurant will be off the charts good as is everything Coppola touches.

  2. We took a bus load of Certified Tourism Ambassadors to Virginia Dare Winery and had box lunches made by their new chef. If that was any indication it’s going to be a great addition to the deliciousness of Sonoma County!!

    1. Virginia’s first known capital was Werowocomoco! Has to be at the Virginia Dare Winery in Geyserville.

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