Santa Rosa’s Little Thai and Sushi Is a Takeout Dream for Picky Families

It’s Thai food. It’s sushi. It’s both?

It’s Thai food. It’s sushi. It’s both? We’re rarely fans of disparate cuisines trying to be all things to all people, but we’re willing to be a bit flexible in the case of Little Thai and Sushi because it’s a takeout dream for picky families. The food is solid, if not stunning, as long as they put the hot entrees in a different bag than the cold sushi for your takeout or delivery order. Because no one likes a melted California roll.

Best bets include Basil Chicken ($12.95) with anise-flavor Thai basil and oyster sauce; Cashew Nut Chicken ($12.95) that has fried chicken bits and a generous amount of cashews; and Pineapple Fried Rice ($12.95) with chunks of pineapple, cashews and raisins.

Nigiri and hand rolls don’t fare well during delivery, but the California Roll ($7.95) and Super Crunch Roll ($13.95) with shrimp tempura, mayo and unagi sauce were tasty.

Papaya Salad Laos Style ($13.95) is divisive. Made with a fermented Laotian crab and fish sauce, it’s an intensely stinky, muddy-colored mess with crunchy green papaya, green beans and lime sauce. Unlike Thai green papaya salad, which primarily uses a lighter, saltier fish sauce, this version will arm-wrestle your taste buds and perfume your refrigerator for weeks.

The extensive menu includes poke bowls, stir-fried noodles, grilled pork, egg rolls, tempura, Tom Yum soup, stir fries, curry, ramen and wackier rolls, making it hard to decide. We suggest sticking to more straightforward items, especially for takeout and delivery.

1791 Marlow Road, Unit 4, Santa Rosa, 707-541-6242.