Root Beer Floats

Root beer floats

rootbeer.jpgI’ve been obsessed with root beer floats lately, mostly from the Fosters Freeze (400 4th St, Santa Rosa – (707) 576-7028) too dangerously close to my house for comfort. There’s something about that creamy soft serve bubbling together with the nip and tickle of root beer that I can’t get enough of. Seems I’m not alone: I got an email this week from a CHOW how to make your own root beer, and I know that Diane Peterson is working on her own tasting over at Kitchentalk. Everything old is new again. 

Want some seriously tasty fresh-brewed root beer? Third Street Aleworks brews their own for a house-made dessert float. It’s almost nothing like the sicky sweet stuff from the fountain — instead, their brew is a pungent, earthy, spicy flavor of true root beer. 610 3rd Street, Santa Rosa, (707) 523-3060.

A&W also makes a decent float, which you can find at 6700 Commerce Boulevard, or 6610 Hembree Lane, Windsor, (707)584-9070.

Got your own favorite? let me know.