Restaurant gossip

Orsi’s closed

Downtown Italian eatery, Orsi’s, has closed. The spot on Fifth St. seems to be cursed since the closing of the popular Cafe Lolo several years ago, with two restaurants since failing in the spot. No word on whether the restaurant will re-open elsewhere. Meanwhile, a change of ownership and possible wine bar in the works at the former Nirvana, just around the block at 420 Mendocino.

A&W closing
Santa Rosa’s frosty rootbeer spot on Armory Drive will be closing on Sunday.

Syrah not for sale
Dozens of worried folks have been calling Syrah owner and chef, Josh Silvers wondering what the change of ownership sign is doing in the window of his popular Railroad Square restaurant. Silvers says not to worry, the restaurant is not for sale. He was required to post the sign after he and his wife changed their sole ownership of the business into a trust for their son. Meanwhile, as the season gets cooler, Silvers is working on a new menu with plenty of tasty fall dishes, including (yum) sweetbreads. The duck and crabcakes, however, will remain as always.

Mixx-ed up
The former Mixx spot has been in flux for months, but rumor has it that the spot has finally been taken over by local restaurateurs who have plans for a high-end Cal-Ital pizza spot. With so many similar concepts opening all around the North Bay, call us non-plussed at the news. Hopefully we heard wrong.

Cuban hopes dashed
Plans for a Sebastopol Cuban restaurant have been back-burnered. We’ve heard that health-issues with the potential owner are halting things. Suffice to say, everyone’s mucho disappointed. We clearly need some interesting ethnic in these parts.
UPDATE BiteClub just heard from Marta Wright, who was working on the proposed restaurant. The longtime owner of Champagne Taste Caterers (and native Cuban) tells me that she has been serving up her “Cuban Chicken” at events for quite some time. But with her busy schedule, she just wasn’t ready for the commitment of a full-time restaurant. She says to stay tuned, however, for some special “Cuban Guateques” she’s hoping to host, featuring music and a whole roast pig.

Tuscany Reborn?
The former Tuscany Restaurant on Cleveland Ave. in Santa Rosa has re-opened as Sonoma Village Ristorante, featuring American and Italian cuisine. And, uh, Mexican. The menu is all over the map, from chile relleno to chicken saltimbocca. With little else to choose from in the area, it’s a passable lunch spot, with hefty salads, burgers and Panini sandwiches. Entrees, however, don’t quite stand up to their $12 to $14 price tags. The restaurant is open for lunch, dinner and breakfast/brunch on the weekend. 3381 Cleveland Ave., Santa Rosa.