Red’s Apple Roadhouse open

The PudNut is here

The PudNut, basically fried bread pudding. Noms.

The PudNut, basically fried bread pudding. Noms.
The PudNut, basically fried bread pudding. Noms.

Red’s Apple Roadhouse opens in West County Wine Country: Takeout fried chicken and donuts are on the opening menu for the re-opened Sebastopol roadhouse along Highway 116. You’ll know you’re in the right spot by the cheerful boar’s head sign (eating an apple, of course) and the fact that it’s located right next to Mom’s Apple Pie. Co-owner Berry Salinas has come up with a bevy of creative fried goodies that start the day right: apple cider donuts, the “Pudnut”  (donut bread pudding), apple fritters and Bella Rosa coffee to wash it down. Order up your fried chicken dinners for pick up Tuesday through Saturday (707-861-9338) from 4-6:30 p.m. complete mashed potatoes and coleslaw on the side.

Lunch service began Nov. 14 and is ramping up to include burgers, onion rings and other goodies. Full dinner and sit-down dining planned for December.


3 thoughts on “Red’s Apple Roadhouse open

  1. One of the worst meals I’ve had in a very long time. The fried chicken is flavorless. It’s greasy and a strange grayish brown. The meat is cooked fine, but there’s no flavor. I could see black pepper in the greasy batter, but couldn’t taste it. No spices are noticeable. It’s just physically hot and greasy. A waste of time. It came with their dreadful slaw which, different from the chicken, does have flavor. It’s the flavor of yellow ball park mustard, not an interesting mustard. You don’t taste the cabbage, just the mustard. And then there were the limp and greasy sweet potato fries. Flavorless except for the grease. I found the entire meal to be disgusting.

    My companion had their pulled pork sandwich which cane on a puffy white flour roll. It reminded him of insulation. Puffy with nothing else going for it. The waitress asked him which BBQ sauce he would prefer. Why bother to ask when all you taste is the dreadful cheap mustard from the slaw that’s put on top of the meat.

    I’ve talked to others who’ve also eaten there. They were stunned by how truly bad the chicken was. And they tried the donut and said it was just as greasy and flavorless as the chicken.

    There have been some good restaurants in this location, but this is not one of them. I’ll wait to see what moves in next.

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