Petaluma Pie | Petaluma

Pie is the new cupcake in Petaluma

Petaluma Pie Company owners in PetalumaLike a flirty mistress, cupcakes feel like a giggly dalliance on the dessert spectrum. It is pie who quietly reigns over the kitchen as stalwart matron of pastries, knowing and secure as a symbol of patriotism, home and family all wrapped up in a butter crust.
“Everyone likes pie,” says Angelo Sacerdote of Petaluma Pie Company. He and wife Lina Hoshino, two young documentary film makers turned bakers, are banking on exactly that.
Inspired by their friends at SF’s cultish Mission Pie, the couple’s flakey-crusted operation in downtown Petaluma has just a single oven cranking out sweet and savory pies of all backgrounds — from mushroom and cheese or Japanese curry hand pies to more traditional lemon, chocolate pudding, bourbon walnut and banana cream.
Already a steady flow of gawkers are wandering in, guided by the scent of melting butter and cinnamon. Hand-printed chalk signs announce by-the-slice prices and specials.
Pies from the Petaluma Pie CompanyWiping his hands on a flour-dusted apron, Sacerdote is like a proud father when talking about his carefully sourced ingredients, some of which come from their own garden. Straus butter, local blue cheese, mushrooms. “Recipes are based on what’s in season,” said Angelo. “We can’t do everything every day,” he added, but recent offerings have included a ginger pear quince cardamom pie; blue cheese, apple and walnut hand pie and persimmon pudding pie. New pies continue to be stocked throughout the day.
You may remember the couple’s unfortunate foray into the news fracas when some humbug stole their hand-painted sign. It hasn’t been returned, but the accompanying goodwill and curiosity from friends and neighbors has kept the shop hopping in its first weeks.
Petaluma Pie isn’t just a one-trick pony, however. Though they’ll keep to the pie-centric menu, beer and wine are served on tap, along with an expanding menu that will include salads and Mexican hot chocolate.
Don’t miss the Pie Stories along the wall, which feature patron’s personal anecdotes about pie. Because, of course, we all have a favorite story about pie.

The restaurant will have a grand opening celebration Dec. 18. 2010 from 1-4pm.
Petaluma Pie Company, 125 Petaluma Blvd N. (behind Starbucks), Petaluma, 347-9743.