Food News of the Moment

Guy goes to college

Mario, you're smizing at me....

Mario Likes a Smizer: How to run your life efficiently has a lot to do with a chef running a kitchen efficiently. Mario Batali’s rules of how he runs the kitchen without yelling or drama. And how he can size someone up in a minute or so. Do you have gentle, smiling eyes? NYTimes

Guy’s Big Campus Nosh: Fieri creates “Guy Fieri on Campus” a fast-casual dining concept at 15 college locations in the next five years. Not surprisingly, the first is in New Jersey. QSR Magazine

Calistoga Food Trike serves Caucasian food. No really. Like from Caucasus. Napa Valley Register

Miami New Times food critic axed in favor of more “digital coverage”. Call it the Yelp-ing of food journalism. Or maybe the beginning of a less Anton Ego era. Either way, kind of a bummer. Eater

Artisan Vegan Cheese? Is this even possible. Apparently so…Bay Area Author and TV personality Miyoko Schinner shows how anyone can make their own repertoire of cheeses that are sliceable, meltable and totally delicious in her new book Artisan Vegan Cheese.  Anyone craving the consistency and sharp flavors of conventional dairy cheeses but for health reasons need to stay clear of lactose and high cholesterol or are vegan by choice now have fool-proof recipes that deliver the tastes they desire. From brie to ricotta to parmesan, see why Artisan Vegan Cheese is featured in the September ‘12 issue of VegNews Magazine. To see Miyoko in action, please click on the Delicious TV link:

PS: This column is of course not called News of the Food because that would be ripping off our friends at the Bohemian. Beware of un-caffeinated moments where you think, “Hmmm, what a great name despite the fact that it sounds kind of familiar…”  If you have a better name, let me know.