News and rumors

Okay, mystery solved as to who’s moving into the former Bistro V space in Sebastopol. It took some digging, but after a couple of tips from BiteClubbers and a few phone calls, BiteClub has found out that former New York hot shot chefs Eric Korsh and Ginevra Iverson (who also happen to be married) will be opening Restaurant Eloise later this summer. Korsh and Iverson are both alums of the much lauded Prune. Oh joy. Oh elation. Stay tuned for more details.

The former Vivere space in Santa Rosa is being overhauled once again and will soon be home to Le Saigon restaurant. Fourth time a charm?

Lots of action on the 400 block of Mendocino. The former barcode space has is being renovated as well and will remain a bar and lounge.

With regard to some twittering I’ve been hearing about Sky Lounge at the Sonoma County Airport, here’s the scoop straight from owner Jim Goff. He tells BiteClub that Ed Metcalfe (of Shisho in Sonoma) who had a hand in the opening has not been part of the restaurant since early on. In addition, Goff says there are no plans to change or modify the current restaurant citing his 15-year long-term lease. So, there you have it.